Al-Shabab Forces Attack Daynunay Camp

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mogadishu, Somalia (HOL) - Al-shabab forces attacked last night Daynunay military camp where troops loyal to the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) are stationed.

Spokesman for Al-Shabab forces Sheik Muktar Robow Abu Mansur said that his forces attacked the camp and killed TFG troops.

 “Al-Shabab forces attacked last night Daynunay camp which houses troops that serve Ethiopians and we cut their heads off”, said Abu Mansur who added that they will continue attacks on Ethiopian and TFG troops.
Abu Mansur added that there no is ceasefire in Somalia and that they will continue their struggle until Ethiopian forces leave Somalia.

“There is no such thing as ceasefire and it is only now that the real fighting has started therefore we call upon all the Mujahideen to come to Baidoa”, said Abu Mansur.

Although Abu Mansur said that his forces killed many TFG troops in last night’s attack, the mayor of the town of Daynunay Mr. Mohamed Isap Hasan in response to a question about the attack said that he heard that one soldier in the camp was killed and another was wounded and that two civilians who were riding a truck transporting charcoal to Mogadishu were wounded.

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