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Why The billions spent by the US on the Somali military could not succeed
By Abdiaziz Amalo  
Saturday April 27, 2024


The Somali government has admitted that rations for the elite Somali soldiers trained by the United States have been diverted within a unit of its forces.

In a statement issued late Thursday, the government said it had conducted an investigation, which resulted in the suspension and detention of officers. The number and identity of the officers suspended and detained have not been disclosed.

Over the last 17 years, the US spent more than $2.5billions  training, equipping and developing the Somali national army, police,     counterterrorism , and special forces.

The investments of the United States Government in SNA Danab build program have resulted in a capable strike force that has been the tip of spear of SNAF [Somali National Armed Forces] offensives against al-Shabaab.

US analysts and intelligence agencies been more aware of the realities on the ground, perhaps, they would not have been taken by surprise by the developments of the past few days that food diversion involving US-trained soldiers

A number of factors account for the corruption of the Somali state and the SNA.

First, there was widespread corruption in Some Somalia’s s defence ministry where funds, ammunition and food deliveries were stolen before reaching the soldiers on the ground. The ammunition and other equipment were sold on the black market, eventually ending up in the Alshabab ’s hands.

Furthermore, Ministers and some commanders embezzled money by submitting fund requests for the salaries of “ghost soldiers” – i.e. soldiers who had not actually signed up for the military. As this was happening, no bid military contracts were awarded to families and friends of the Government.

Second, the embezzlement and corruption undermined morale within the ranks of the army. The integrity of senior leadership is pivotal in military affairs to win the troops’ respect and loyalty. For unpaid soldiers, the lavish lifestyles of their commanders were often too much to swallow. Hence, instead of fighting and dying, they preferred to save their lives by going back to their homes.

Third, there was also no ideological cohesion within the army or a sense of national duty and belonging. In fact, there was significant mistrust towards the country’s political leadership. No Somali soldier was ready to fight and die to defend President Hassan Sheikh or the government.

Fourth, continuous political interference and A new constitution for Somalia,bringing in universal suffrage and dismantling the clan voting system, has been refused recognition by the most Somali Citizens .
An army needs unity of command and leadership continuity to function properly and fight effectively on the battlefield. Minister of Defense Mr. TikTok Warrior and Businessman The military chief of staff are the centre of gravity of their  organization and if they’re not changed immediately , it will not adversely affects the organization.

Finally, despite receiving years of training and billions of dollars worth of equipment, the SNA never developed the capacity to stand on its own. In fact, it was entirely dependent on the US and other countries support to train Soldiers.
Somali soldiers and Macaawisleey are heroes Once nonsense ATMIS forces began to withdraw, there was no question they can  stop the advance of the Alshabab and protect their people. They only need good commanders who are not corrupt.

Abdiaziz Amalo.
Washington, DC


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