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Ramadan Series: Transform Your Life This Ramadan

Practical Step-by-Step Guide that Works for Anyone Who Use It:

By Safia Said
Thursday March 23, 2023

Hello and welcome to my Ramadan Series! My name is Safia Said, and I am a freelance researcher. I am passionate about the field of Self-development and growth, and very thrilled to share my ‘Ramadan Segment Series’ on this platform.  I studied Business and Project Management, but my burning aspiration lies in the Research and Development of Human Potential. For that purpose, I have put together a series named ‘Transform your life this Ramadan’ to share practical tips and guidelines about inspiring self-reflective topics that will help you get some useful insights and strategies to improve your daily rituals, habits, and life-long goals.

This series is the product of a journey of self-exploration exercise that led me to search for the right tools and techniques to discover the human potential to become the person you always desired to be. The journey to self-discovery never ends but it’s never too late to start from somewhere. And as Socrates famously said “The unexamined life is not worth living” which means to me that life should be enriched with meaningful purpose, values and the things that matter most to you. As a muslim, we do have a higher and far wider purpose in this life, which is to worship the creator (Allah) and submit to the divine guidelines revealed in the Quran and the tradition (Sunna) of our Prophet Mohamed (SCW). To fulfil this, we must train and master the self to achieve our goals in this world and the hereafter.

The month of Ramadan is of great significance to Muslims worldwide, as it is a time for spiritual reflection, increased acts of worship, and heightened acts of charity and giving back to the community. As the act of contributing during this month is of greater value, I would like to share my insights and learning about the field of self-development in which I have read significant books and learning materials to help me understand the expert tools, and strategies to grow and evolve as an individual.  

This series will comprise 30 segments that will continue until the end of the Ramadan. The first segment of the series will commence on the 1st day of Ramadan and each episode will explore important concepts about self-growth and will share some interesting and powerful techniques that might be very helpful to your self-assessment journey.




Contributor: Safia Said
Freelance Researcher
Email: [email protected]


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