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Condolences: Gone too soon, but your memory lives on with us

Hiiraan Online Editorial
Thursday, June 04, 2020

From the HOL family, it is with great sadness to inform our valuable readership that one of our regular contributors, Abdiazz Ibrahim Heikal (Heikal Kenneded) has passed away on 2nd June in the United States, Washington DC. The cornerstone of Abdiaziz (Heikal Kenneded) was his love for family, country, and culture. As you read his articles a common thread runs deep for the love of his country, and what comes across is a man who yearned for a better Somalia for all. 

His thoughtful analysis, professional work, and volunteerism speak volumes of his dedication and sacrifice for others. Knowledge-sharing and widening the scope for education in Somalia for disadvantaged children was a passion that fuelled his desire to leave a lasting legacy for Somali children. His focus to empower the voiceless that experience challenges for no fault on their own was a testimony to his overall approach to life.

He was a beautiful kindle in the wind. His memories, generosity, and optimism for life will forever stay with us. At HOL, we will also cherish his unwavering contribution to our readership, by enriching our valuable audience far and wide.

Abdiaziz’s intellectual acumen was ahead of his time, and its Somalia’s loss that his time has come too soon at a very young age. At HOL and beyond, we will remember his work and build on his legacy to guide our future contents, drawing on his ideas and his drive for a better Somalia. 

Despite leading a demanding divided between family, work, and volunteerism, he still found time to share his masterpieces with precision and detail. Forever the HOL family, our readership and his friends will be indebted to him. He was a gentle giant who will be missed forever.

May Allah grant him mercy and Janatul Firdawz, and protect his family in the here and after.  

Below are quick snapshots of Abdiaziz’s contributions to HOL over the years.

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