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Hormuud Telecom ‘Creating jobs and improving lives’

Ali Mire Salah
Sunday February 16, 2020

The telecommunication giant Hormuud has created thousands of employment opportunities for the Somali people. Before the private sector revival, the only job opportunities were largely in agriculture and fishing.

Hormuud Telecom has strengthened Somalia's economy through its job creation. The company was established in April 2002, in Mogadishu, Somalia. It had a modest start and grew steadily over the years. Currently, the company is, directly and indirectly, employing over 35,000 people. These 35,000 jobs created roughly support a much larger population of up to several hundred thousand people, considering the large size of the Somali household. Worldwide, studies suggest that for every permanent job, there are five dependent jobs.

After the war, the unemployment rate in Somalia was at an all-time high. Now through Hormuud, so many people are curving out satisfactory livelihoods from the services that the successful network provider offers. For example, there are tens of thousands of services agents who sell the Company services to the end users.

In the current situation of the country, a good job with a conducive working environment is hard to find, however, Companies like Hormuud Telecom enabled the Somali youth to get the best working conditions. The company has a strong customer-driven business approach and its staff has a sense of purpose and a can-do mantra.

Employees are the most essential resource that a company has; therefore to maximize the potential of its employees, Hormuud Telecom has created a sound employee remuneration and welfare schemes. The company ensures the safety and wellbeing of its employees. For example, the support they provide to their employees includes Decent and livable salaries that are commission-based. Healthcare coverage, fully paid 120 days maternity leave, salary continuation if an employee is dead even outside the workplace. Four weeks annual leave with full payment. Yearly bonuses are based on individual and company performance.

The company provides a critical economic and transformative lifeline to the Somali population. Hormuud has been one of the few private companies that have greatly influenced the economic growth of the country.

Hormuud Telecom has also played a critical role in improving ICT and providing avenues for job opportunities. For instance, the operators of technical equipment have been in a position to receive orientation and training which has improved their abilities to apply and use information communication technologies.

There is an important and dependent relationship between telecommunication and economic growth. This shows the significance that Hormuud Telecom has to society in general. Investments in telecommunications infrastructure are one of the crucial factors in the economic growth of a country. Hormuud has raked in a large sum of foreign investments in the past few years. These investments bring in a new supply of cash and opportunities.

The company through its expansion policy has opened and is still creating job opportunities that have aided socio-economic development because of their indiscriminate nature. As long as there is a supportive business environment, Hormuud will continue to find and explore new ways to expand thereby creating more opportunities. It has incorporated the youth who are full of ideas and has given everyone a fair chance to grow financially.

For a country to succeed economically many factors need to flow smoothly. One of those factors is employment; people need to be doing constructive work which helps them eke a living. A working nation is a progressive nation. Hormuud has proven that development in telecommunications is one of the driving forces behind globalization and the rapid growth of the world’s economy. Economic growth cannot be achieved without the use of a good communication system and Hormuud has delivered on that.

Ali Mire Salah
[email protected]


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