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Independence Day is a day of myth and hallucination

by Mohamed Hasan Gelyac
Sunday, July 01, 2018

African countries and its people celebrate annually to mark a day called Independence Day.  It is the day that each African country respectively had established its own statehood-conventional governance.

The question coming into minds of many African independent thinkers is what is the significant of this Day? Should we have to celebrate?  And why?   Is it a day of happiness and achievement or a day of honoring our past colonizers?

No doubt, it has a great meaning for European invaders as it does and will preserve their footprints in African continent.   Not only that,  but the offspring of  west European colonizers of Africa are rejoicing each and every year the legacy and honors  their grand-parents left for them which is Africa was a dark place and  made them  inhabitable place.

On the contrary my fellow African brothers and sisters believe that it is a day of happiness and honoring their great –grand parents who fought for their freedom and dignity.  Well, If it’s not true that European perpetrators don’t joy and consider a day of recognition and thanksgiving, why shouldn’t they be angry at and respond to at least in a diplomatic reaction. 

For example, my home country Somalia, despite the incomprehensible magnitude of human tragedy taking place on a daily basis, people still go to the streets to celebrate this Independence Day.  Not to mention, millions of dollars spend on this occasion while millions of people are dying for hunger and treatable diseases. 

Some people wonder why Africans don’t commemorate days that reflecting their culture, history and religions.  Interestingly, we have our own important days like any nations and societies, eg.  Charismas day, Good Fridays, Eid days and Heritage day but we undervalue them due to relentless bombardment of other peoples’ culture.  Unfortunately, this happened because our incompetent leaders, so call African elites and western indoctrinated who consider themselves academics never taught people  days that have significant and relevant to their culture and beliefs.

In my opinion it shouldn’t be celebrated at least for two good reasons:  firstly, it is acknowledgment of the crimes committed by west Europeans people and thanking the living grand children.   Secondly, it is humiliation to us by admitting –we were nothing before you.  And we could better spend that money on somewhere rather useful such as hospitals, schools and other public infrastructures.  Hence I do believe it is vital to teach students as part of nations’ history.

Mohamed Hasan Gelyac
Email: [email protected]


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