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Peace, Security, Technical and Economic, Development Cooperation between Somali &Turkey


by Dahir S Hassan
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Thirty years of conflict and insecurity have persistently destabilized Somalia. Persistent famines, internal displacement, terrorist activities and ineffectual central governments have fragmented the country into the sub political and territorial entities. Turkey’s entrance into Somalia may have been a surprise to many in the world but for the Somali people it meant more than that. - It meant the presence of a historic friend and partner in times of need is indeed a true friend. Turkey exemplified the dynamic of its nature of the historical ties with Somalia and emphasized within its foreign policy. Its intervention in Somalia was based on a strong moral and ethical belief in the need to end the effects of the famine and the cycles of conflict that were perpetuating the Somali people’s suffering.  Turkey’s move challenged, the International Community, the UN and all international Aid organizations who abandoned Somalia and avoided, to return to assist the Somali people.

Today Somalia is at crossroads and the most important aspect of its vision is to prove to the international community its ability to structure a National Development Plan with prioritization and implementation of the economic development, infrastructure, political inclusivity and security.

The Somali Government would be wisely advised to immediately enter into talks to all countries, that have so far operated outside the existing government structures, to change course and start working with the government on humanitarian and development operations in Somalia.  It is understood that many countries that are at the forefront of the so called Humanitarian Aid have from their own words spent huge amounts of their tax payer’s money in Somalia but at the same time have never been transparent and accountable.  These countries avoid consultations and often sideline institutions and entities by ignoring government plans and thus choosing area of operations and timelines of their project activities. 

On a positive note, the political and security in the country has improved.  In this regard, it is time that any country or institution that wishes to support the Somali people work closely and in partnership with the Somali Government. 

Therefore, it is time that the Somali Government takes the lead to coordinate the activities and development projects funded by donor countries and multinational institutions.    Both the Somali people and donors would benefit from a well-coordinated and centrally planned activities that are transparent and effectively managed.  

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As an emerging donor in the global arena, Turkey’s development vision found full expression in Somalia.  Its efforts mirror its activities and engagement in the variety of commitments; such as providing key technical assistance programs in infrastructure such as building roads, schools, health clinics and enhancing capacity building measures through training of municipality staff, training of the Somali Military and other security organs

 Equal footing Cooperation Modality

In the beginning phase of Turkey’s arrival to Somalia, priority was given to rebuild and rehabilitate the urgent infrastructure as well as implementing quick impact projects that were fundamental and necessary for the affected communities. 

The aid modality currently used by Turkey has a clear protocol to utilize a wide variety of modalities that is based on the Somali’s Federal Government’s priorities which, utilize local resources and partners for the implementations.  Therefore, Turkey utilizes differing contracting mechanisms. It’s worth noting that in contrast to many traditional International donors, Turkey does not attach conditionality to its assistance and is based on the following important Strategic Partnership Principles.

a)     A partnership between equals

b)     Somali solutions to Somali problems

c)     Cooperation engagement focused on priorities

d)     Win-win cooperation partnership

While the overall success of Turkey's economic, business, trade and political strategic setting in Somalia and Africa have gained momentum and is based on the comparative advantage for the development of the two nations to enhance Peace, Security, and Development.  the “Turkish model” of providing positive impact and direct cooperation partnership to people on the ground and its extensive infrastructure projects has been welcomed by both the Federal Government of Somalia and its people for providing visible and tangible projects to both the county and the people. Nevertheless, for the long-term success of these Cooperation transparency, clear selection criteria, and monitoring and evaluation mechanism that should provide clarity on the Cooperation partnership and the overall success of Turkish- Somali Cooperation will become a model by which the rest of African Countries could aspire to.  

These become clear during the African Turkey Cooperation Conference on 11-12 February, 2018 in Istanbul. All African Countries have welcomed the equal footing and equal partnership based cooperation and development between Turkey and Africa.

Dahir Salad Hassan is Director General of International Cooperation Directorate
Ministry of  Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation
Federal Republic of Somalia, Mogadishu
[email protected]

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