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Somalia’s Parliament Not Fit for Purpose: Impeachment Process

by Mohamed Ibrahim
Thursday, December 13, 2018

At the outset I must make clear I am not a beneficiary or have any relationship with the current Somali Administration and by analyzing my previous pieces on Somalia’s politics, one would find I do not hold back with my critical views once I notice the government has made mistakes.

 I am conscientious Somali/British citizen who takes a long term view of politics and the challenges our country faces today.

Considering the deep seated and compelling challenges faced by our country in the area of security, poverty, institutional governance and infrastructure, you would think the last thing that should be in our Member of Parliament’s minds is an impeachment process involving the presidency. The lack/absence of urgency and sincere conviction from some our parliamentarians are bordering negligence and out-right political incompetency. As Somalia is at cross-roads, facing three dimensional challenges that include terrorism, poverty and institutional recovery, the magnitude of task ahead does not need political squabbles and instability instigated by our Parliamentarians.

How you can sense the latest round of impeachment has no legal or political legs is that those politicians who are pursuing such cause have not done their legal homework but have embarked on a factionalist blind politics guided by their lack of political maturity, greed and thirst for power through any means necessary.

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The first thing to point out is that for a legal impeachment process on the President take effect the relevant judicial courts must be ready to hear/trail such impeachment process. As we are all aware, this legal infrastructure or process is not yet available in our Somali courts, hence why I have concluded our politicians who have commenced these proceedings are not fit for purpose – but are guided by a blind alley, hunger for power and greed.  The beneficiaries of such action of this nature are political extortionist/self-interest and political spoilers who lack the foresight and political experience to foster a stable Somalia.

 The Somali public and the international community are all aware Somalia is crying out for political stability and continuity. It seems some of our parliamentarians have missed the point again, wasting political capital and energy on a groundless impeachment process that has no legal end game constitutionally and legally. Somalia does not need change of political personalities and impeachment process that will only lead to swapping desk-chairs, as witnessed before – but a political purpose, stability and continuity that will address the monumental challenges facing Somalia. Unfortunately, it seems our politicians have failed to learn from their previous futile political impeachment processes, which has only served to derail our politics and our aspirations for a better Somalia.

In my humble opinion, Somalia is on the right track today and I feel more hope for our country today than any other time in our politics. Besides our futile political squabbles, the future is bright for Somalia. Under this government we are for the first time in 30 years witnessing the re-engagement of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and re-opening of the United States Embassy in Somalia within a space of year. With our brave soldiers and assistance of the international community, the war against Alshabaab terrorist is being won on the mountain hills/forest of Somalia and our aviation industry is making a comeback with introduction of daily flights from Addis Ababa to Mogadishu. This is unprecedented development not seen over the last thirty years - that breathes confidence for Somalia and its politics. We are witnessing a Somalia that is open for business diplomatically and economically. We should not allow the greedy few to derail the common unitary of purpose and political conviction from our current leaders and ministerial cabinet.

Mohamed Ibrahim BA/MSc from London School of Economics and Political Science,  a London based, UK, Social Activist - He can be reached via:
@Mi_shiine (Twitter)
Email: [email protected]

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