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Journey remains unfinished:

by Abdiwahid Abdullahi
Saturday, June 30, 2018

Part 1.

The current state of our Somalia nation has been severely hampered by the quality of its office holders. We are displeased with it and have even relinquished the possibility of good government. On the contrary, we would sincerely like to have decent and fulfilling lives. Government is an institution that should work for the betterment of its citizen; serving in the government is a means not an end.  Therefore, the nature of the government comes from the character of its people. It is not something that you can borrow, copy, and paste. Since the independent in1960, we have been following unseen pathways which led us down the road to destruction and destitution. Despite our high expectation about the romantic view of the independence and the promise of great future, we have become incapable administering an institution that behaves like a corporation. However, we cannot simple blame the government without reflecting upon our role as individuals. We’ve devoted all of our attention to repairing the external while neglecting the internal and the spiritual components. Therefore, we cannot produce a mature and successful system that has native characteristics. Instead we entertained foreign and cosmetic entity that has failed to fulfill our social expectation.

       I can’t argue with our primitive taste of egalitarian society. This taste might have some negative ingredient about the vertical and horizontal hierarchy in which modern societies has it to thrive and prosper. Moreover, it has become a plausible notion for our deep rooted,  uncontested self-rightness has surfaced as individual promote their own individual interest, which is good for oneself; however, detrimental to overall wellbeing of cohesive society. This would ultimately destroy the individual as a naturally and totally unharmonious with structured system. It warrants full-fledged scientific research. Otherwise we should remain and develop our principal truth of Nomadism. Nations rise and fall not based upon whether or not they face, but based upon how their leaders navigate the dangers that all societies inevitably face.  In the absence of such leaders, the society will crumble as ours has and the result is never pleasant.   


It remains a constant struggle for many of us to maintain a romantic view of life whilst surrounded by violence and uncertainty.  Furthermore, the poverty which has afflicted our beloved people back home in Somalia has made us even more vulnerable. It saddens me to hear the desperation of family members and respected friends calling to ask for a few dollars to feed their loved ones. That said, it is not their fault since the conditions in our country have made them unfortunate and dependent upon handouts.  This is a disgraceful situation.  Of course, they would like to have economic independence, personal freedom, and social prestige.

            Although our past has been unpleasant since the dawn of the time, the situation has grown exponentially worse in recent years. However, we rejoice as we recount the lost paradise in the beaches of Batalaale in Berbera, the poetic and sensational concert in Hargeisa Theater, the nice view and fresh breeze of Lido beach in Mogadishu and the loving scene of Janaale the war machinery have destroyed. Unfortunately the enjoyment was a blink of eye. Poverty creates uncertainty which in turn causes stress, degrades dignity, and leads people to engage in acts of violence. And yet rather than addressing the epidemic of poverty, we have been content to simply ignore it.  Our post-civil war leaders have never spoken out against this culture of laziness and selfishness.  Instead, they have encouraged a culture of political agnosticism, seeking only empty loyalty.  Under such circumstances, what chance do our children have at anything more than a miserable, dull and defrauded existence?  I felt guilt the appalling atrocities that befallen upon us which led the demise of our society.  As a result, many of us seldom reflect upon the exuberant joy of the lives that we lead. 

Abdiwahid Abdullahi
Colubmus, OH
Email: [email protected]


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