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A Statement by SIDD on the Election of the New President of Somalia

The Somali Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy (SIDD), a Somali association based in London with the aim of promoting reconciliation and national cohesion among Somalis congratulates the Somali People for the successful, fair, free, and transparent presidential election in Mogadishu on 8th February, which culminated by the election of the honourable Mohamed Abdullahi Formagio as the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

We extend to him our heartfelt congratulations wishing that he will live up to the level of expectations the Somali people place in him.
The challenges ahead are huge. The ravages of a quarter of a century awaits reparation. The dismembered country needs to be reunified. The economy is in ruins.

New crises are looming such as drought and famine, the returning of the displaced and the refugees, and the rampant unemployment.
At the announcement of the results of the election, the Somali people wherever they are erupted in a storm of euphoria and demonstrated by all means their jubilation at the choice of the new President. Never in the Somali modern history has a political leader obtained such an unanimity of approval and adulation. This is because, during his short tenure as Prime Minister the people, sensed his good intentions, competence and determination to tackle the major issues that are at the heart of the country.
The election of the new President has demonstrated the fallacy that the Somali people is disunited. He has raised the hope of the millions of Somalis.

We urge all Somalis to put their hands in the hands of the President in his endeavour to form an inclusive government of national unity, to speed up the process of national reconciliation, to build effective national security forces, to establish financial, economic and administrative institutions and to deliver good governance and development. However the most immediate task is to mobilise local and international resources to address the plague of drought and famine.
God bless Somalia in its striving for peace, rebirth, unity and reconstruction.

Osman Jama Ali                                                   Mohamed Sharif Mohamud

Chairman (SIDD)                                                  Vice Chairman (SIDD)

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