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An open letter to the people's president-Farmajo

February 15, 2017

As you know Mr. president it is very important that you select your PM very carefully. You remember you told us in the meeting at Kampala, Uganda that you resigned from your pm job for the good of the Somali people and the nation. Let me remind you that a title without a merit is just a title - remember Dr. Abdi Weli Gas. we urge you to select a highly qualified, respected, talented, honest and loyal pm.

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Mr. president my humple advice to you is to give more attention to the following points:
1) Build a credible national force - only then we can claim our freedom and sovereignty back.
2) Reform and amend  the so-called Federalism. Clarify the rights and responsibilities of the federal and provential governments. Clarify who has the responsibilities of what and where.
3) Reform the constitution - remove the un-Somali and un - Islamic parts.
4) Design a plan for a free education. There should be a national
curriculum for all the provinces to follow.
5) Development of the nation's poor infrastructure.

Get close to China in this regard - they are experts in building roads and structures of every kind. This will create a lot of much needed jobs for the jobless youth who would otherwise join Al-Shabab for money and not religion.

Mr. president I am sure you have your own points of action, but please give some thought those points.

Mr. president the following is what I think will make those points easy to implement:

First rebuilding the Somali forces.
you must form a team of experts in strategy and military expertise. This team must work with business owners who are nationalist and who are volunteering their time and money to supporting financial aspects of the team.

They will be coming with the recommendation of how to transform our forces. So it will take the financial  burden from the government.

After the recommendation you the president will take the final decision. Allow the mps to debate the issue and approve the action.

Second you should form a voluntary volunteers who are ready to mobilize the public specaily the diaspora youth who are ready to participate education aspects of the new Revolution!

They can participate rebuilding our education system and they can be volunteering to educate our youth.

This action will not only help to educate our youth to get free education but it will stop Alshabab to recruiting our youth.

It will also inspire a culture of volunteering.

the third issue of transformational infestructure.

I would recommend China connection it's not asking help but instead asking exchange of  our wealth and their knowledge.

China connect is also good for our business development and technical know-how for our youth.  It will also a job creation method. 

The whole idea of volunteers will also have another  benefit which is the fight against corruption!

If millions of Somalis are volunteering I think the one who is trying to steal the public money will have little hope of success.

I understand the rebuilding of our forces will need experience and expertise but my humble opinion is that after the recommendation of those experts we must make sure that the fastest way is Russian connection.

It's important not to ignore that connection. They need our strategic location and we need their expertise and modern weapons.

Finally Mr. President take advantage of the goodwill of the Somali people and the human capital you have today. Move fast and ignore the ney sayers. May Allah show you the best way.

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