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“History Repeats Itself”

Mohamed Bahal
Monday February 13, 2017
Left , newly elected president Mohamed Abdulaahi Farmaajo and outgoing president Hassan Shiekh Mohamud.

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The election of President Aden Osman and AbdirashidSharmaarke in 1967 was acclaimed the first democratically elected in Africa. President Farmajo election of 8th Feb. 2017 is also historic event that solidified the desire of the Somali people to have a Government dedicated to the welfare of the people and restore the images of the country in the world scene. Somalia is a country that has fallen below normal condition in terms of human lives, degeneration of land scape, and lose of nationalistic aspiration. As a result of the collapse of Government institutions we were listed as a failed state.

In addition of the above mentioned paralysis, foreign interference in the affairs of the country was and still  apparent. The two countries which made advantages over the collapse of our country are Ethiopia and Kenya. It is true both are our eternal neighbors. However, they should not consider  how our people are sensitive to flagrant interference in the affairs of the county. I hope they will take a note about the election result. Respecting each others’ sovereignty is a dominant principle  that each country cherish.

There immense  natural resources which if jointly harnessed will improve the living standard of  people of the 3 countries. The zeal and determination the parliamentarians had showed was commendable. I hope from now on, their  guiding principle will be the right man for the right place.

The President can over come any hurdle he faces in executing his tasks as long as he has the support of the Parliament. There are those who express pessimistic view and say once he appointed a Prime Minister, struggle for mistrial positions will start and any one who looses a position will retract his pelage to support the Presiden.  It is a human egoism to lobby for higher position. But if one fails, no reason to be impediment in the smooth running of the work of the Government.

It is a fact that there are people who amassed wealth wrongly or rightly during the long period of lawlessness in every major cities of the country. They abhor Government control.

They belief accountability and transparency are against their interests. No government can function   without tax. In every municipality in the country ,they collect tax from the venders who sale merchandizes along the streets. However, the majority of big business owners rarely pay
tax to the central Government unless they pay under hidden operation.

The country is subjected the worst drought endangering  both human and animals. Internal displacement  occurred in the country searching availability of water and grazing. The impact of the drought is beyond the ability of the Government to mitigate unless foreign help arrives timely. Under the present condition, every Somali, wherever he/she live, is morally and ethically bound to contribute fund to the Committees established in every region. Despite early warning signs, no  ptreparation was made for this catastrophicclimatical changes. Somalis are resilient to hardship and with the  mercy of Allah, let us pray early onset of Go’o rain.

One of the pressing problems facing the country is unemployment, especially young people. Those who graduated from the Universities have low professional talent to find jobs. English is the means of communication for international agencies and foreign NGOs working in the country.

Because most of the graduates have low English language proficiency, foreign agencies hire Kenyans as counterparts.
The fault is not with the graduates. Universities failed to teach intensive English lessons to the students., Equally, the Government, whether be North or South failed to control the courses syllabus and enforce  teachingEnglish as a subject.

The time is ripe now to form full-fledgedcommittee to screen out which  universityhave the ranks of international recognition and which is not. It is unbearable for the parents to pay tuitions in hard currency and at the end of graduation their children have no professional know how to work with.Inconclusion, the election of President Formajo signifies the peoples’ desire to have a government which fulfills their felt needs, politically, economically, and sociality. I also give credit to EX-President Hassan how in a dignified manner withdrew from the election at the right time.

Our people yearn for peace and prosperity. Let us open our hearts to each other and hope new era  of positive changes. The task waiting for the President is arduousand he can only accomplish his mandateif he has full support from the Regional Heads and Parliament.

Mohamed Bahal
[email protected]

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