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A New Test for Somalia Unity

Monday February 13, 2017
By Safia Said 

After subsequent delays that hampered the election schedules, the long-waited day for the Somali people has arrived with hope and excitement. The mood of the Somali people has long been in between hope and despair. It was a fate that only the clan-based MPs could either make a history by fulfilling their people’s passionate wish or renewing the status quo of incompetence, corruption and nepotism.

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Fortunately, the Somali parliamentarians of the both houses voted for the right cause. They challenged not only their clannism upbringing but also the naked foreign agendas that dictated the political process of Somalia. A new chapter for Somalia has been turned over with beautiful lyrics and history was made.

This nation has come from very far, full of series weak governments, intense clan warfare and protracted humanitarian catastrophes, which put the country on the top list of the failed states as well as the most corrupt of the world. It is a hallmark that is labeled to every single Somali person living inside or outside of the country. The current state of Somalia has nothing to be proud of and only makes you feel ashamed and humiliated.

It is no denial that the country needs serious state building efforts that require collective responsibilities and collaboration. It is an effort that is obliged to every Somali citizen to uphold and safeguard the strong values and the national principles of unity, justice and nationhood of the Somali people. As a nation we must understand that we have passed the clan system in that very historic day of the election. The day that we have decided as people to depart from this deceiving elite-centric system that brought us where we are right now.

Therefore, it is time to pass another test as a nation. This will test our willing to bring back the Unity “Midnimo” of Somali people. Although it is a fact that every Somali affiliates to a certain clan, but the uniting factor is that we are all one clan called “ Somali” and therefore we should present ourselves as proud Somali citizens that uphold the harmony and the need of their Somali brethren. That will be our new hallmark  Somalia comes first and if only we understand this formula then we could build a country and a nation we are proud of. 

Importance of Young Voices

Young voices are the backbone and the power of any nation in this world. They constitute a reservoir brimming with potential energy ready to be guided for good or ill. They can either be used to engage in a senseless violence or to step-up as agents of change to improve their situation and contribute to the peace-building and reconciliation efforts.

In this very moment as we step toward the new Somali chapter, the history is in the making and it is important to emphasize that the participation of the youth is an indispensable vehicle for sustaining and maintaining progress in the country. It is undoubtedly, that our youth are innovative, skillful and full of potential that must be explored in an empowering environment.

State rebuilding is an inclusive process. It is a process that entails psychological, physical and social aspects of renewal. It is not a process to be left to a specific group of people as it may result in slipping back into failure. Solid changes are needed to ensure that progress is made and the input of the young united Somali people are heard and respected across all Somalia regions.


To move forward as agents for change, it is very important to be part of the change itself. First and foremost, we need to develop a conscious awareness of our current condition and standpoint to realize the extent of the change that need to be cultivated. Secondly, We need to promote a new political culture that goes beyond clan affiliation and rewards the individual merit. Thirdly, as vehicles for change, we must increase our sense of collectivism and sharing responsibilities that can foster the equitable distribution of our nation’s wealth. Finally, we should enhance our global awareness to motivate our individual perspectives and actions in a world that is increasingly competitive and globalized.


Safia Said

MA International Development Management

University of Bradford, UK

Email: [email protected]

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