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Somalia Needs a Visionary Leader

Hassan Gelyac
Sunday February 5, 2017


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This beautiful land that God blessed with enormous resources and strategic location has been marred by incompetent and corrupt leaders.  The country had experienced very difficult time during the 21 years of military rule and the subsequent civil war that ravaged Somalia over 25 years.

The 2012 was the year of hope and jubilation for Somali people soon the outgoing president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud little known in Somali political circles, got elected to become the 8th president of Somalia.   However, he was well known and highly respected in the civil society and academic circles inside Somalia.  

Unfortunately the people’s high hope and optimism quickly dashed and faded away when a newly elected president was accused of being incompetent, corrupt and dictator who doesn’t have any leadership qualities. 

Now, Somali people have another chance to get an inspirational and competent leader with integrity who can salvage this unlucky and traumatised nation.   Today, the country needs neither a prestigious university graduate nor religious scholar but honesty, visionary, altruistic, charismatic self-sacrificing leader who is able to reconcile and galvanise the Somali society and pull out the nation toward peace, and prosperity.

Therefore, the newly elected Somali legislators have two options: either to cash in their lucrative and highly price tagged votes as they used to do it or to fulfil their religious, humanistic, and constitutional duties and choose a right leader for the Somali people who can discharge his national leadership obligations.

Mohamed HasanGelyac
E-mail:  [email protected]

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