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IFIYE Announcement: Story Competition (Tartan Sheeko)


IFIYE Center is pleased to announce a story writing competition, which will run from 15th - 30th of December. This story writing competition will be the first of its kind in Somalia. Thus, in the competition we will be looking for newer stories that reflect our day to day lives both private and public, – the stories and narratives exchanged in schools, colleges, buses, offices, mosques, streets, estates, trading centers, villages and universities. 

We are interested in stories being told by a new generation, spurred by new imaginations, revealed by new narratives and expectations. The three best story writers will receive different prizes based on their rank. The competition will be aired through local radio stations, and the stories will be submitted to tartan.ifiye.com. There will be a panel that evaluate all the stories and make the final announcement of the winners.
The study submission guidelines are listed below:
•    Word count: 3500-5000 words
•    Theme: The Somalia we live in.
•    We will only accept entries from writers born after 1984
•    The stories will be written only in Somali language.
•    The story must be unpublished before. IFIYE will not accept any story that was previously published.
•    submissions can be done at tartan.ifiye.com
•    Closing date: 31sth of December 2017.

The stories that win in the competition will be published on the IFIYE website, and a painting reflecting about the stories will be drawn and depicted into the social media channels of IFIYE.Therefore, the competition is meant to produce creative professionals to interact and work to evolve powerful, realistic images and narratives that would reflect the life, diversity, cultures, energy and dimensions of the lives in Somalia.
IFIYE center is working to develop, create, produce, showcase, publish, distribute and archive a body of artistic work that portrays the immense dynamism and depths of facets of Mogadishu's life and entire Somalia.

As part of our commitment to the growth of the creative writing and the reviving of Somali literature in Somalia, we are embarking this story writing competition (tartan sheeko) aimed at introducing younger readers in secondary schools & universities in Somalia to the rest of the world.
During the course of December and January 2018-2017, we will be visiting a variety of schools with programming focused on sessions with writers, Open Microphone performances, and discussions about the writing process and creative writing to drive for the participants of the competition.

While reading books and stories are all things that are featured in school at a very early age, youngsters can easily get distracted by others more engaging outdoor activities and technological devices. That's why this creative literary competition has sought to utilize unique and thought-provoking techniques to help draw in more people and promote the importance of reading and literary.
Along the competition we are trying to collect more books for IFIYE library. Readers who are interested to join our book drive will be given platform through our social media and direct contacts so they can forward and contribute as much as they can.

To find out more about this please visit; https://tartan.ifiye.com/

We look forward to hearing from you


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