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SGEM: Open Letter to Somali Regional States

To: His Excellency Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas, President of Puntland State

      His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Islaam (Madoobe), President of Jubaland State

      His Excellency Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, President of South West State

      His Excellency Abdikarim Guled,President of Galmudug State

      Honorable Persons Selecting Members of theUpper House for Hiraan and Middle Shabelle Regions


Wednesday, October 05, 2016



On behalf of the members of Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM), please accept our sincerest appreciationfor the National Leaders Forum (NLF) on moving the 2016 indirect electoral processforward. As a result, Somalia will have a peaceful transfer of power at the end of the term of the Federal Government.


As you know, NLF agreed to allocate a minimum quota of 30% for women in each of the Upper and Lower House of the Federal Parliament as well as each Electoral College of the indirect elections. Under your leadership, SGEM and Somali women in general is expecting that you will ensure that a minimum of 3 women will represent your State at the Upper House, anda minimum of 30% women will represent your State at the Lower House of the Federal Parliament as well as each Electoral College election held in your State.


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Over the years, Somali women have played active roles in the struggle for independence, and also helped save families and rebuilt the country after the civil war. Despite the critical and positive roles women played in the past, women’s voices and participation are too often undervalued, excluded, and ignored. We hope that rhetoric will change in the 2016 indirect elections. In light of the fact that women constitute atleast fifty percent of the population and taking into consideration the countless sacrifice that Somali women made for nation building, it would be prudent of your administration to ensure that 30% quota for women is implemented.


SGEM is a non-partisan global movement that comprises of 9,000 diverse Somali women inside the country and in the diaspora, who have united to advocate for gender equity in Somalia. Its mission is to sustain the movement domestically and internationally, and to promote social and political equity for Somali women in the public decision making arena in 2016 and beyond. SGEM analyzed and judiciously responded to the Somali Federal Government’s Vision 2016 framework document, the Provisional Constitution, and other Regional Constitutions and policies to apply gender lens, with the aim to pave the way for a minimum of 40% female representation in appointive and elective offices. Currently, SGEM is involved in electoral educational and awareness raising campaign and advocacy for Somali women’s participation in the  2016 limited election to ensure adequate women representation.


SGEM calls upon and urges regional states to formulate robust policies aimed at enhancing gender equity. We trust that your State will implement the agreement of the NLF regarding the minimum quota of 30% of the seats in each of the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament reserved for women, and 30% of the electors  to become women.




Somali Gender Equity Movement Board of Trustee

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