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“Make America Great Again”?

by Mohamed Ibrahim
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Elect Donlad Trump "Make America Great Again"

I must say Mr President Elect Trump has further proven to be a very intelligent and shrewd businessman. He treated this election like any other business activity. He saw a market in politics and he went for it - "Make America Great Again" whatever that means - but it means a lot for the average American who believe in American exceptionalism in global and local politics.

Beyond the hysteria and shock what you find is that Globalisation as an agenda for Development has not trickled down to the average person in the West or Developing countries. The top 20% elites eat the cream while the rest scramble for the left overs. With the greatest depression in the last 60 years and economies slowly recovering, the margins of that left over has reduced or disappeared altogether for some countries. Now we are seeing globalisation has not reached even the majority of western societies. Mr Trump for all his personal faults has seen this discontent and jump to the horse - and he rode it well, I must say,

With the Brexit vote in the UK and now America following - you can conclude globalisation has not worked for all and this type of protest voting for change will gather pace, removing Social Democrats administrations into Conservative leaning administration across Europe and North American, and beyond. Only few remaining in Europe such as countries like France.

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The future is blurred today because we are moving into an era of economic protectionism, isolation and security gaps, in search for a reset button of some sort for world economics and security. if history teaches us any lesson, is that these environments provided the conditions for World War 1 and 2.

I have great confidence in the check and balance available within the American legislative and constitutional system, but never ever forget Hitler came to power on a popular vote and discontent - Make Germany Great Again type of politics - and you don't need me to tell you the rest.

We must as global citizens also respect the wishes of the people of USA. They have spoken and over 90 million people cannot all be mad or be dubious like President Trump as was reported by the mainstream media, who i must say form this 20% elites and have failed to pick up this discontent intentionally.

These voters feel they have been failed on many fronts. President Elect Trump knew there is a market and he played a blinder to borrow a footballing term. It is now up to President Trump, policy makers to unite the country again.

President Trump knows this morning the Game is Over - and he will return to his usual businessman, thoughtful and careful self due to the enormous task waiting for him. He has not made billions for no reason. He has enormous talents and decision-making capacity of his own. Once he picks up the brief case at the Oval Office with security, economics, constitutional and social briefings/challenges from the departmental mandarins, he will take responsibility serious and have a go at it. This was for him a business taker over and he has succeeded.

Good luck to President elect Trump and United States of America.

Mohamed Ibrahim
[email protected]


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