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Make hay while the sun shines!

by Hamdi Abdikani Shire
Saturday, March 12, 2016

It’s quite uneasy to forget the stress, depression, rejected resumes and other barriers along the way to the "prime job" when there is highly alarming unemployment rate in our country, yet we wouldn’t let ourselves wallowed in self- pity because of these breakable hurdles.

I highly understand and have clear, unclouded experience in that enthusiastic feeling of “you have got what it takes” , the unwavering dream of “they will hire me the first time they read my resume” and how all of a sudden that beautiful thought is overshadowed by the disheartened truth of not being shortlisted and being unpaid volunteer for long time.

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In fact, I have seen many job seekers turn into social get together as a way of overcoming the hurdle to criticize the system and people in it. they mislead and discourage long unemployed and fresh graduates by convincing them that they could never get hired unless a close relative connects them to the Human Resource Manager in that agency. Some will even vow that the position you intend to apply has already been groomed for someone else and trying it will be a huge wastage of time and energy.

Such untold stories of these natures are flooding around and no single individual get the audacity to put it in the public domain so that young people can get themselves together and develop some strategies to tackle these problems.

However, I decided to write this article to share with you a simple but effective few strategies that will help you to land your dream job without ever doubting yourself for a moment.


Networking is believed to be one of the most effective and efficient strategies in the job search. A point to be noted though, this doesn’t mean turning it into a well-known politician uncle of yours and asking him to accompany with you so that he can introduce you to the people you think will hire you as long as the big man is your godfather. Networking means it’s your turn to show people who you are and what you are capable of doing. so, why the heck are you asking someone else to do your job for you? Go out and find the right people, be a volunteer- for it- it is a great way to meet people. Also when you get an opportunity to participate in a workshop please don’t sit tight but mingle with people, make a contribution and let everyone in there see you’re potential person.

Cover letter

Write a compelling cover letter it’s crystal clear that whenever we want to go out we spend a considerable amount of time so as to present others the best image possible of us. The same logic goes to your cover letter; it represents the whole of you, your knowledge, your experience, your character and conviction so make sure you spend some quality time on writing an appealing and eye- catching cover letter that convinces your boss that you are the right person for the position. 

Be persistent

Don’t you ever get discouraged if your first couple of resumes never gets opened, rather revisit your resume and amend it, make sure it’s a lot better than the first one you have sent and you yourself can see the distinction. Know the journey of job hunting isn’t easy one; there are setbacks and bottlenecks on the road, disappointments and feelings of self-doubt is also possible but only persistence and determination will make you stand out the crowd.

Be patient

Patience pays. I believe the biggest problem that is blocking the way is lack of patience; we are one way or the other looking for shortcuts and quick fix solutions and sadly forget how that can diminish and degrade our reputation and self-confidence. Patient is a way to get rid of job hurdles by believing that whatever Allah has written for you is waiting for you and no one can ever take that away from you. Just do your best and leave Allah to do the rest.

Be job creator

This can help in putting an end to all true hullaballoo of searching for jobs. Instead you rather become creator than searching for job. Last but not least, I urge you to stay optimistic and believe in yourself, this can well pay off your problems. May these strategies help you find your dream job. All the best in your endeavors.

Hamdi Abdikani Shire
BA: Social Work and Social Adminstration.
Masters of Psychology at Kampala University
Lecturer at: East Africa University, Garowe Branch
EMAIL: [email protected] 

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