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Life goes on and Good friend Mr. Mohamed is gone for good

By:Ahmed Daljire
Friday, July 22, 2016
As I see your face and stare at you
My eyes drip and my nose run down for a great loss
I remember you and will remain so in the future
Fate and destiny is firmly believed by us all
That one day each will fall and be rested to peace
This was your day and sadly we missed a great man
May Allah grant you Jannah !

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf known as Mohamed Kheyr  well educated middle aged man has been found dead in his hotel room in Nairobi. Mohamed the Deputy Permanent Sectary of the Prime Minister office  was well known for his hard work and the immediate changes he initiated and oversaw during his time in the office. Mohamed lived and worked in Belgium for years and he like many other minded educated and prudent Somalis decided to come home and left behind the decent job and peaceful life he led in Europe.

As I am very saddened by the tragic loss of a great friend and am sure many will do, I can only say Innaa Lillaahi Wa Innaa Illaahi Raajicuun..

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Few days ago and to be exact Saturday 15th of this month, I had chatted with him over the messenger as we often do when we can spare time. He then returned from Imra and he was heading to Mogadishu. Since I knew Mr. Mohamed and stayed closer as friends and colleagues in Mogadishu he did not complain from any illness or complication at all. He was very fit and healthy man and had big vision for the country and for his people. 

It was April 18th last year that he decided to leave Europe and be part the good force that is working hard to rebuild the country. What he wrote in his facebook as the reason he returned will summarise what really inspired him to come home. Reflecting and celebrating one year anniversary in Somalia, this is what he had to say to not only remind himself but wished others to follow suit.

"Can anyone imagine today is the day I made my decision of coming back home to help my people. It is already a year ago. I am very happy to be in my country. No matter how difficult to do exactly what I wanted to do but still managing...I thank Almighty for giving me the courage to have convinced my soul. It is my hope that all capable diasporas will come home."

Mohamed as a strong man had all it takes to be a leader and proved that in his almost a year job he had at the OPM office. He made real change since he assumed the role and over the time made great friends and colleagues whom I am sure will miss him a lot. He was a simple man, easy going and decent man to be associated with. He too was very responsible and visionary man who dreamed to see Somalia back in full fledging and thriving peaceful counrty. He strongly believed that Somalis are the only ones who can take this country forward but with  sadness he will not see that through now.!

In his Facebook he wrote a lot and tried to educate us most of the time. This following paragraph he posted in his Facebook account tells us a lot and paints real picture of Mr. Mohamed that cared and cried for his country and its people. We sorrowfully cry for him today..

In April 21st 2016

  " I  cry, we are crying, the country is bleeding, mothers are in sorrow state, fathers are sad about the mishap. Everyday we are loosing our beloved brothers and sister. No one is out there to help them, educate them. I cry, you are crying, they are all crying.....tears shed, ears heard bad news daily, eyes see worst agony, where on earth do we set our legs on. All these, I send my condolence to all the families who lost their beloved ones, our hearts are with you, we share the sadness with you. Almighty Allah may take their souls to Janna."

As  I read these comments and copied from his Facebook account, I ask Allah to bless his soul and grant him Jannah as he wished for us all.

Caring for the poor

Mr. Mohamed was a caring man who wanted to extend his hand for the unfortunate sisters and brothers in the country. During the last ten days of Ramadan he was making Imra and  we chatted online. He raised one important issue that was very close to him. He explained to me how group of young graduates from Kismayo are trying to help orphan kids collected from the streets and provide them free shelter and education.

He asked me to help him raise Zakatal Fitri to give these kids an opportunity to celebrate Eid festivals which they could not. Mr. Mohamed had posted a video appeal on his Facebook asking for help for the kids.  I am sure he raised some and later he posted the pictures of the celebratory scene and the enlightened faces of those kids at Kismayo beach. As you can see from the below picture Mr. Mohamed has been the core of bringing real smile to the faces of these kids. And as we remember and mourn him, I wish that we can sustain helping these kids continue to smile in the absence of Mr Mohamed,  May Allah grant him Jannah.

Blessing Ramadan Month and best farewell in life

During Ramadan Mr. Mohamed had organized an Iftar for many of his colleagues including me in Mogadishu. We broke the fast together and leave for Tarawih together after the Iftar for the six working days in Mogadishu . On Fridays we had another arrangment for Iftar and we among with other friends and colleagues stayed together and contemplated a lot in favor for the country Its this time and our conversation that Mr. Mohamed decided to go for Imra this year and he proposed that we go together. Unfortunately I did not go, but Mr Mohamed was lucky enough to go to Imra and spend the final ten days in Makkah. As Muslims, we are certain that we will one day die but to be very lucky is another opportunity that the Almighty can grant to certain people. I can say that Mr Mohamed was very lucky to have had the opportunity to go for Imra and spent good time in the Haram for his last days in his life.

Ruling out his death Cause!

Although we again belief in destiny, I would like to stress the need to investigate the cause of his death. I am now told that he was staying Hotel Ambassador in Nairobi and the Somali embassy is on the case. The body was sent to an autopsy and we will learn the result of the ongoing investigation by tomorrow or in few days. As an official, the government of Somalia must get to the bottom of his case and fully investigate and study the CCTV cameras in and around his room where his body was discovered. This is just to rule out any possible suspicion to comfort all and particularly his family. Anything is possible and we urge the government of Somalia and our respected embassy to deeply take this matter seriously and leave no stone unturned.

Finally Mr. Mohamed wanted to see Somalia through this difficulty time and chose to be the driving force. He inspired others to join and did that with great bride. I am sure my friends in Mogadishu within the government circles and beyond will join me to make Dua for the deceased and continue to carry the torch of hope for this great nation as Mr Mohamed wanted to.

Mr Mohamed has never fall short of wishing well for his country and he was very optimistic and had great faith in  ourselves.

Ahmed Daljire is the DG of Somalia's ministry of Post ,ICT and Telecommunication.
Email:[email protected]

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