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Dark Claud Hungs Over Somalia

by Mohamed Bahal
Tuesday January 19, 2016

What long predicted came to light. A nation besieged by clan rivalry can not exist. It was almost two years ago when election was set up by the International Community with the expectation that the Federal Government would full fill the target. The I.C. had under estimated the depth of clan rivalry that could undermine the effort of holding election if expected result would not be to their favors.

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It is unfortunate that the Kismayo conference, attended by all regional heads and President of the country,failed to reach consensus decision on two core issues that dominated the meeting. The two issues that resulted logger head between two clans who took for granted to lead the country were a choice between district line or 4.5 line. Each one of them remained firm to the choice that would bring more electorates to win presidential election.  What a sad scenario?

Following the departure of the I.C. from the conference, the host Chairman , made emotional plea that the Somalis would decide their destiny. I believe he made such statement with sincerity. But his plea fell on deaf ears, because there is a preoccupation of political lust of the two clans that will not bring  headway to a success.

There are silent majority who are watching with dismay the egocentric behavior of the two clans. In a democratic countries electorates are based on the outcome of a census which in the present can’t be conducted in  Somalia. Until such a time comes, the ad-hog system will prevail in away that all stake holders agree.

It is now apparent that the heads of regional authority did usurpation of the tasks delegated to the Parliament , the only organ vested to prepare the ways electorates to be selected.

Interference from foreign countries is another dilemma  that we have to cope with. With the debacle that followed  the failure of the conference, it is highly demanded that the President has to take the initiative to bring an atmosphere of reconciliation.

The only legal authority who can take over the responsibility to reach amicable decision and  lift the dark cloud that hangs over the country is the Federal Parliament provided members of the parliament will not be swayed one way or another for their vest interests. It is a time to come up with the right decision to lead the country out of the current paralysis.

Mohamed Bahal
[email protected]

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