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I Can Tell You How The Normal Somalis Are Feeling

Friday September 25, 2015

By AbdiKadir A. Abdi

For quite some time now, I have found myself in the midst of a constant battle with my own conscience over whether or not I should say something about a number of issues relating to the plight of the Somali people in general and particularly the seemingly ever-deteriorating stature or prestige the Somali national was once identified with.    

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Although I feel very much tempted to cast all the blame and rebuke for the tragic debasement of the Somali identity on the hoggish self-appointed politicians we have for leaders today, in all fairness however,  part of the blame lies on the shoulders of Somali public themselves. They are not patriotic enough. Every politician values mostly their clans or tribes’ satisfaction. Additionally, some business men support evil actions shamelessly and don’t want to see an effective Somali government running the country. Furthermore, it goes without saying the so called international community and our next door neighbours just don’t like us for one reason or another.

Indeed, I could make a case for each of the said issues. But I believe there are already enough people making all these arguments with in-depth knowledge and a full understanding of the conditions on the ground. Here’s what I would like to do instead, I want to tell you the true perception the average Somali has, about the current government. What it’s like for us. What the Somali people all over the globe must be feeling because I, too, have felt it.

It may not be what you want to hear if you’re currently holding any government position. But I am relentlessly sickened by functionless states which are breaking my/our beautiful country into tiny fragments. I am also aware of the few blind supporters each of the federal states have, who, despite the countless reasons they have to offer, get perplexed when really challenged on the need for so many “lands”,

This is how the increasing numbers of regional states are making us feel. Estranged and divided in the land of our ancestors, marooned and isolated by the endless tides of war fringed with corruption. The “wake up and lean on each other, and support your country” which we praise in our national anthem has remained out of reach.

“Stop fighting each other, come back with strength and joy and be friends again” rings hallow to our ears. Seeds of suspicion and mistrust are planted in every corner of the country.

A town might have two presidents at one time, each fiercely fighting just for their own interest, power and control. The allegiance and pride to the nation is undercut by the dark realities and formation of these ever growing regional states.

The richness which filled every aspect of the Somali personage, security, peace and the stories of a time when Somalia was at the fore front of the countries having the most powerful militaries in the region are now just tales of the past . It has become something more of a myth. The pride of the great nation is replaced with shame and humiliation. From elders to youth now Somalis cringe against their race wherever they live. To be a Somali is to be attached with shame. Shamed with lawlessness, widespread corruption and violent extremism. Shamed with poverty and the way my people live in concentrated refugee camps. Shamed with foreign troops illegally occupying the country to take its natural resources, as well as redrawing our well known borders.

This could not have happened if our leaders, clan elders, and intellectuals refrained from turning on each other. Repudiating and rejecting to reconcile their difference for the benefit of the people and the nation.

Admittedly, their malicious actions is just a continuation of what we are experiencing and bearing its fruits today. The dreadful mischief has led us to be at the bottom of the ladder.

One only needs to look up the statistics: the worst healthcare, poor infrastructure, lack of quality education, lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality. Majority of my people are wrestling with anger/depression since we are incapable of finding an effective solution to our persistent problems. How could we leave our own fate in the hands of faithless politicians, who spend lavishly on weddings, expensive hotels and endless flights? While the ordinary people live in object poverty. Predictably, this has categorically demonstrated the insensitive nature of these individuals.

We can easily free ourselves from the shackles we have put on our selves, and swiftly reform the nation, if we, Somalis revive our unshakable courage, perseverance and our loyalty to the country. Ultimately, every politician or leader will realise the public is getting serious about corruption and want to feel safer. These might lead to a transparent and accountable government.


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