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Open Letter to AntónioGuterres, UNHCRHigh Commissioner

Concerned Somali
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Respected AntónioGuterres,

There are an estimated 500,000 Somali refugees trapped the conflict in Yemen. These vulnerable refugees mostly women and children are at the mercy of marauding militias at the epicenter of looming civil war. Killing, kidnaping  and rape is real danger waiting to happen.

The Somali government does not have navy and air assets necessary to evacuate a half a million refugeeslikeUSA, China, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have done last few weeks to evacuate their citizens.

Mr. High Commissioner, we see no signs that the UNHCR is coordinating with international agencies and governments to evacuate these vulnerable refugees or to provide them the protection they need.

Mr. High Commissioner if the armed militias and their allies massacre, kidnap, kill or rape the vulnerable refugees,it will be a humanitarian disaster caused by lack of planning and plain neglect.

Mr. High Commissioner, you have moral and political duty towards these 500,000 refugees and time is running out. Please do something.

Concerned Somali




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