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Awdal Regional Administration

by Aman H.D. Obsiye
Saturday, March 21, 2015

On March 18th 2015, Somali Unionists who hail from the Awdal region of Somalia declared their political aspirations through the announcement of the Awdal Regional Administration (ARA).  The ARA seeks to be a semi-autonomous entity within a federal Somalia; Awdal does not adhere to the ignominious ideology of secessionism currently being espoused by Somaliland.  The announcement was made after much consultation between leading intellectuals, business people, political personalities, and common folks who hail from Awdal. 

The announcement was made at an undisclosed mountainous hide out in the presence of the heroic Suldan Wabar, who has recently spearheaded the northern Somali Unionist’s movement to free Awdal from SNM’s occupation.  The security apparatus in charge of liberating the Awdal region from secessionism, and bringing it back to the fold of Somalia proper, is called the Awdal Regional Administration Army (ARAA).  The flag of the ARA/ARAA is a horizontal unicolor of green with a lion presented at its center, and an isosceles triangle at the hoist bearing Somalia’s national flag.  The ideology of the ARA/ARAA is Somali Unionism (Soomaalinimo) and it adheres to the vision of a united, democratic, and federal Somalia. 

The ARA/ARAA seeks the assistance and recognition of the sole authentic sovereign authority of Somalia, the Somali Federal Government, and reminds the national government of its duties to protect the territorial integrity of Somalia.  Somaliland’s ideology of secessionism is an existential threat to the existence of Somalia, and if successful, will make Somalia the 21st century version of the former Yugoslavia.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Somali Federal Government to assist and recognize the ARA/ARAA in its noble quest to reunite the Awdal region with Somalia proper.  When Nigeria faced a similar existential threat via the secessionist entity Republic of Biafra, it did not hesitate to use ever means at its disposal to safeguard Nigeria’s territorial integrity. 

The Somali Federal Government must not hesitate to safeguard Somalia’s territorial integrity.  By continuing to cater to the demands of secessionists (i.e. Somaliland), and ignoring the demands of northern Somali Unionists, is a betrayal of Somalia’s sovereignty.  Somalia’s national government must stand firmly with those who adhere to the belief of a united Somalia, or be perceived as a national government which lacks testicular fortitude. 

Below is a link to the declaration of the Awdal Regional Administration:


Aman H.D. Obsiye is a Juris Doctor graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School.

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