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2016: The End of Somalia as We Know It

Sunday December 6, 2015 

By Abdisalam Garjeex

It’s miserable to see that one’s country is headed to the final stages of its demise and its inhabitants to an obscure existence. It’s a vision that awakens me from my sleep and made even more terrifying by the acute reality that we are doing absolutely nothing to halt this and instead passively look on. 

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Our day of reckoning is around the corner, however, and on that day we’ll be faced with the sobering and excruciating fact; that we were the ones responsible for the annihilation of Somalia. A fact we will have to attest to in front our children, grandchildren, and further generations to come when they inevitably ask the questions of why we stood by and did nothing, and why they have no reference or recollection of a place to call ‘home.’ 

Current situation and beyond

It’s apparent to everyone in the world what Somalia has gone through for the past 25 years. We provide entertainment and discussion as the number one failed nation-state and are the most quoted example in political and economic research of why Africa has remained so unequivocally underdeveloped compared to the rest of the world. We have lost our dignity, sovereignty, and nationhood, and are on the last legs of existence. We are fighting for power over a vapid wasteland, stripped of both dignity and resources, and only bitterness remains. There is not much left to fight for as we have divided ourselves into regional bodies, religious groups, and vultures who take the meagre resources of the poor and innocent. Every clan is spearheaded by one unscrupulous leader or another with no self-worth and who’s willing to sell his nationhood and manhood to foreign connivers. We do not see there is something fundamentally wrong at our core and that this evil that breeds there needs to be exorcised, unrooted, and dissolved before any real progress towards a future can be made. Instead, we have just seen a litany of transitional governments, deluded in the belief that in 2016 they will get things right—pipe dreams.

We talk about the idea of one man, one vote but in the same breath entertain discussions of the undemocratic and unjust 4.5 power-sharing methodology or seek to base parliament selections on district levels. The fights have already erupted in Galkacio between Galmudug and Puntland and it’s only a matter of time before Somalia is officially annexed by Ethiopia and Kenya (the equally grim reality: remaining an AMISON protectorate). Ethiopia already occupies 50% of our land and Kenya possess the other 25%; the remaining 25% still falls under Ethiopia’s rules and guidance. After overcoming European colonization and rightfully gaining independence from the West, we have been reduced to being colonized by other Africans.

Who’s responsible for Somalia’s pandemonium?

We will never agree on what happened during the civil war or on who fired the first shot. At this stage of the game it’s a moot point. What we can begin to agree on is that ‘qabiil’ has had a pernicious influence on Somalia and Somalis. It disguises itself in the liberation movements, fuels the warlords and their supporters, and even parades under the mask of religiosity (e.g. Al-shabaab, Alla Sheikh, Damul Jadiid, Ahlu Sunnah). The clan is camouflaging as regional stakeholders, transitional government leaders, and parliamentarians. They gain their clan support by inducing fear and paranoia. They have no interest in common prosperity and peace. These individuals are within the country as well as part of the diaspora, but have in common the desire to ensure the success and riches of their own. That’s where their true loyalty and political motivations lie; forever and always, the clan.

It’s time we free ourselves of this evil and archaic remnant from a time long ago. Let us remove this thorn that no longer unites nor nourishes any one of us and watch in splendor how sanity is restored.

Call for help (Qaylodhaan waa wareey)

This is a theme song from three brothers (Reer Ciyaar Jecel) and their team Qaylodhaan – they are the only remaining vestiges of patriotism. They call for all Somalis to wake up and unite and fight to regain their freedom and destiny. I’m inspired by their touching songs (horta yaa masuul ka ah) and in some instances their fervor and truthfulness makes me cry.

Today we find ourselves at a critical juncture, we either fade away to an unforgiving existence or we unite and work in the reconstruction of our society.

Our children and our children’s children will ask.

This excerpt from Jooqle Shire’s song comes to mind:

Waxaasoo masiibaa

Ayaa meesha yaalee

Yaa maali jirayey

Ayaa joogta maantee

Magaceen intuu lumin

Soomaalay is-maqaloo

Qaranimada ku mitida

Is Somalia salvageable or a lost cause? – I know it’s not an easy undertaking to save Somalia, but to be honest, we, my generation mayn’t see Somalia in peace and prosperity; it shouldn’t mean it’s not doable; we have to do all efforts and in my previous article (Somalia needs a patriotic and fearless leader), I noted how important is to search leaders who want to unite and regain the trust of all clans and reconstitute rule of law and bring peace in different corners of Somalia against all odds. May Allah have mercy to all fellow compatriots and not make 2016 to be the final nail in Somalia’s coffin?

Abdisalam Garjeex

Ashburn, Virginia (USA)

[email protected]

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