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The invisible boy

by Liban Obsiye
Monday, April 20, 2015

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The sun shines on the city

But his corner is dark

The cars roar past purposefully

But he is parked

The laughter of school children bounces off the walls

But his poverty makes him silent and still.

The boy has a name

But no one knows it

The boy has ambitions

But nobody cares

The boy has something to say

But everyone is deaf to it.


The boy is shackled by desperation

But society is blinded by carelessness

The boy is hungry

But restaurants throw out food to stray dogs

The boy is unwashed

But the people only hold their noses.


The boys face is reflected on the shoes

But he shines them on an empty stomach

The boy’s stomach grumbles impatiently

But he hasn’t earned enough to eat yet 

The boy’s eyes stare hopefully

But the customer only pays half.


The sun sets above the city

But his corner was dark to begin with

The cars roar past purposefully

But the boy is still parked

The other children are in bed

But he is still awake.


The Party begins in town

But the boy’s tears soften the earth beneath

The lights in the family homes are switched off

But he was invisible to begin with.

Somalia is a young nation with over 70% of its population under 35. The young people of this resource rich nation are indeed its future and the cornerstone of all its hopes for peace, progress and prosperity. However, opportunities are scarce and as a direct result of the disastrous and painful civil war, many young people, including children find themselves orphans and alone.

Children and young people’s rights to love, life and education are universal but in a country like Somalia which is slowly recovering from a disastrous near quarter century civil war, this is but a distant dream for most. The government of the Federal Republic of Somalia and its international partners need to do more and quickly to alleviate the crippling plight of those that are this nation’s potential saviours and its destroyers if they are not supported today to create a better tomorrow for us all.

Liban Obsiye
[email protected]
@libanobsiye (Twitter)


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