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Jubaland: Why the rush?

By Hassan E. Ali
Saturday, March 02, 2013 

After two decades of pandemonium and disaster, Somalis seem to have learned nothing from their past experience. Beating the drum of war is not what Somalia needs now. Somalia belongs to Somalis and this dogma demands us sitting together and resolving our disputes as grown ups and not as bunch of hooligans. The issue of Jubaland is critical to the existence and stability of our nation. However, it is important to recognize that without peace and strong enforcement, federalism or other forms of government won’t survive in Somalia. Clan federalism per se is a hoax orchestrated by the enemy of Somalia to sustain the state of chaos for years to come. Most Somali leaders either fail to recognize or are under the payroll of the enemy of Somalia. As a nation full of hypocrites our attitudes has lately been fabricating hatred among us while competing for the servitude of the enemy.  What human being are we? Every time I look myself to the mirror and remember the state of my country I feel ashamed and denigrated. By the way whose country is Somalia?  Many innocent Somalis are killed daily, many women raped, many have no education, clean water and many others die for hunger or have no future and yet we hail ourselves as Muslims.  As an anarchist nation we learned not to trust each other, not to look after each other consequently the country we live is entirely neglected and destroyed. 

Historically Somali governments have failed to genuinely serve its citizens; government power translated to abuses and looting the country’s resources. Injustice is the mother of the Somali instabilities. 

In my opinion the planned meeting to create Jubaland state is immature and must be postponed. Here are legitimate reasons: 1) The region is largely under the control of Alshabab; this limits the freedom of traveling from and to Kismaio 2) Individuals organizing/attending the meeting have no mandates 3) Power sharing under a gun point is demeaning human dignity 4) Many resident clans have no say in this process 5) There is nothing in the constitution that gives legitimacy for a group/clan to dictate the future of any federal state. This is a myth created to blame the President for his opposition to the current approach.  Opposition to the president of Somalia should not be used as an excuse to expedite a process that is prone to fail. The issue of Jubaland is one of the many causes that instigated the civil war in Somalia; its consequence has devastated every Somali family.  Most Somalis are disappointed with President Hassan’s seven month’s old incompetent government, but should not be a pretext to create conflicts. Legitimacy comes through a democratic process and allowing the voice of every local citizen to be heard.  Therefore, stop listening the devil’s advocate and embark using common sense. Any injustice committed today will be heavily paid by the future generations as we did in the past 21 years ago.  

Uniting together under a strong foundation for the new Republic is in our interest. The golden opportunity available should not go in vain.  As the head of the state, President Hassan has a lot in stake. He should work hard to turn Mogadishu from a Hawiye dominate to a more welcoming capital city of Somalia. 

Before any federal state can be founded, rule of law must be established.  And in honesty clan states won’t work; Somaliland and Puntland failed even though they had over a decade of relative stability. Clan federalism is not the only devolution of power that Somalia could adapt. Exploration of other forms of devolution remains necessary. 
We can together resolve our disputes if we begin listening and respecting each other’s opinion.  The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any institution. It is normal to have different political views, but bracing a win-win strategy is the way forward for Somalia. Somalia has an infinite sad stories; it is time to acknowledge and move forward to finding a justice solution to the Somali problem.  I urge all parties involved in this conflict to abstain from igniting this issue further. War is not a solution. 
There are Somali communities out there who have been marginalized since the foundation of the first Republic. Their future is at stake as well. Remember what is awful for them is horrific for all. 

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