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In praise of Somali women: A poem in honour of international women's day
 by Liban Obsiye
Saturday, March 12, 2011

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While her brothers are away playing 
She helps her mother
While her brothers prepare to eat 
She is cooking their meal
While her brothers are out making mischief
She is busy helping her neighbours.
She is a girl. A Somali girl.
While her husband is away 
She is tending to her children
While her husband is eating jaad 
She is bathing her children
While her husband is shouting and screaming
She is teaching her children
While her husband sleeps
She is studying.
She is a wife. A Somali wife. 
While the men fight 
She is making peace
While the men disappear
She is providing a living for her family
While the men talk
She delivers
While the men demand
She gets by quietly
While the men are visible
She lives in their shadow.
She is a mother. A nations mother. 
Liban Obsiye
[email protected]


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