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Somalia is moving in the right direction

By Abdullahi Dool
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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Events in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya fly in the face of those who expected the Muslim world to move towards extremism. The Somali people, unlike in other parts of the region have the unique task to end decades of anarchy and lawlessness in the country.

At a time Somalia is going through a difficult period of conflict and famine it will serve no one to call for yet another costly conference to waste precious time and resources when the new Government of Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is functioning and Somalia is moving in the right direction.

Progress is being made on the most crucial issue of security. In the capital the Government is gaining ground and reclaiming more areas.  According to one of the extremist movement’s highest officials, his organization is losing ground and the support it enjoyed within sections of the Somali public is ebbing away. [1]

Locally, regionally and internationally confidence in the Government is growing. In the capital, the confidence of the inhabitants is growing by the day. Despite the recent unfortunate incident which resulted in disciplinary actions, for the first time in twenty years the people in Mogadishu feel there is a government there and fighting on their behalf to restore peace and services for them and the nation.

The army is getting paid in a long time. The families who lost loved ones in the army too are being looked after. Morale is growing in the army. Thousands of conflict crippled marooned in Martini Hospital compound too are being taken care of. In February 2011, the Prime Minister oversaw the payment of their long overdue salaries. 

Accountability is back in the workings of the Government. The Ministry of Finance is for a long time projecting the budget of the Government. Funds too are being declared. This would no doubt re-establish trust and credibility. 

The opening of the Central Bank (The Bank of Somalia) on 1 February 2011 is another milestone in the nation’s long road to recovery. The newly opened Central Bank will develop Somalia’s monetary fields and re-establish Somalia’s financial and banking connection with the rest of the world.

The Government is tireless in its endeavour to rebuild Somalia’s tattered image in the region and other parts of the world. Regional organisations such as the African Union and the International Community show renewed confidence and trust in the ability of the Government to govern for the better.
SONNA (Somali National News Agency) is functioning and weekly dispatches of its bulletin are being sent to individuals and Diaspora communities. [2]
At this critical juncture of Somalia’s fragile recovery what should matter most to nation-loving Somalis should be how to get Somalia better. A bird at hand is better than two in the bush. To support and bolster a functioning and fledgling government is better than to have a go at yet again another national gathering which would waste time and resources.

Our nation’s good news should only dishearten and demoralize those who take delight in our downfall. The Somali people should not waiver to stand with the nation in its struggle to re-establish itself. Somalia needs every help to combat the forces intent to keep the nation down and in the dark.

President Sharif and the Government of Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed deserve our continued support. The Government is fighting on our behalf and for Somalia.  Soomaaliya ha noolaato! (Long live Somalia!)

1. See SONNA Sabti 25 December 2010
2. [email protected].

By Abdullahi Dool
[email protected]


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