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A bunch of hypocrites or genuinely Concerned Diaspora Somalis?
Aden Mohamed
Monday, February 21, 2011

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When you hear the phrase “concerned Somalis”, the first thing you wonder is what these concerned Somalis in the Diaspora are actually doing for their suffering people, only to realise that these people are not doing anything to contribute to the liberation of our people, who are still experiencing the worst kind of  human suffering, two decades later.

Instead, what they produce are useless academic papers about Somalia for instance the ‘’Unlawful Unilateral extension of TFP and the draft constitution process’’. Honestly, who has the right to extend the TFP period beyond August 2011? Is it the International Community, the Islamic conference, the Arab league, the African union, IGAD or a Somali reconciliation conference?  

The most present problem of the Somali people is not the unilateral extension of the TFP but the unrelenting political and humanitarian crises of our nation. The helpless Somali people have no voice and the intellectuals are neither challenging nor supporting any ongoing political development to re-establish our nation.

If you read the article from the so-called “concerned Somalis Diaspora”, it is immediately evident they aren’t sincere in their concern about the Somali national issues or they lack the intellectual capability to prioritise issues in a conflict environment.

The extension for the TFP was to my opinion the right decision to avoid any political anarchy in the volatile and weak institutions of the TFG in Mogadishu. The other alternative could have been to organise a new useless 4.5 based conference outside or inside Somalia and no patriotic Somali will be in favour of another circus, let alone to get funding for such a circus.

I fully agree with my fellow concerned Somalis that the draft Constitution and the process itself is not a priority for our nation at this time, and can be prepared gradually and presented at a more opportune time. The German constitution for example was written by 5 people, what makes our constitution drafting so complicated?.  Is it because we don’t own our draft constitution? Because someone has paid the money for the draft and someone other actors are responsible for the implementation and Somalis, including the TFG and the concerned Somalis in the Diaspora, are just irrelevant stakeholders in that setup?

Comment to your demands or to use your words recommendation.

·         As I described, the TFP mandate extension cannot be revised. The question is what will be the impact on the Somali people if it cannot be revised, if your concern is the alleged violated Charter the Parliamentarians have amended

·         It is not justified to blame the International Community for the total failure of a Nation. The de Facto policy failure of the Somali intellectuals, who are able to produce such documents at this situation and satiations in Somalia, is also to be questioned

·         The only way to minimise the role of frontline states in their involvement in what you call internal affairs of Somalia will be when Somalis come up with their own solutions. You cannot stop neighbours from advocating for and taking care of their alleged national interest when we lost our nation  to the despicable Somali clan issue

·         You are evidently encouraging the TFG to negotiate with an unnamed opposition, which further brings to questions your commitment in achieving peace in Somalia.

·          I fully agree with recommendation to delay the constitution ratification because it is not priority for our nation at this stage.

·         It’s a shame that so many concerned diaspora intellectuals are talking about emerging Somali groups and political parties. For which Somalia are these political groups emerging?. What is paramount now is to join hands first and liberate our people from the current crises like others are doing in the dictatorial Arab world 

It is easy to reject something irrelevant but it is difficult and a challenge to struggle for the liberation of our people. It’s ridiculous to be against TFP extension although we know that these ladies and gentlemen are not even able to pay there Hotels in Mogadishu   

Although I strongly criticises the TFG and its corrupted institutions, I also support some of its activities because I appreciate that we Somalis should not always keep on rejecting and destroying any positive initiative, but should rather work and try to correct the corrupt and weak institutions and political actors of the TFG if we are to one day achieve stability in Somalia.

Of course you have all right to mistranslate my political position and I cannot stop you doing so but my political position is a principal way of change our altitude towards nation building.

Aden Mohamed
[email protected]


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