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Concerned Somalis Diaspora reject the unlawful and unilateral extension of the TFP and the Draft Constitution Process

Monday, February 21, 2011

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We, the under-signed members of Concerned Somalis in Diaspora, are gravely concerned about the unilateral  extension of the Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP), on February 3, 2011, in violation of the Transitional Federal Charter, and the fast pace with which the draft constitution is moving to a ratification stage without any adequate input from the Somali public.  

We believe that Somalis must chart their own destiny and have the ownership of the planning, process, and outcome of the next political dispensations beyond August 2011.  However, we are bothered by the TFP’s unilateral action in violation of Article 32(4) of the Transitional Federal Charter that clearly states “the term of the Transitional Federal Parliament shall not be extended.”

We are also deeply disturbed by the persistent interference of some of the front-line states in the affairs of Somalia. The constant, nefarious pre-emptive interferences of the Ethiopian Government in the internal affairs of Somalia have been an obstacle to the success of the Somali reconciliation processes and the consolidation of any independent and effective Transitional Federal Institutions (TFI) in the last twenty years. Not stopping the unfettered involvement of the Ethiopian Government in the affairs of Somalia will definitely prolong and expand the current instability and war in the Horn of Africa.

Additionally, given the acute absence of peace and lack of security in much of the country coupled with the limited authority of the TFG, we strongly believe the tabling of the draft constitution for ratification phase is a premature action. In the eyes of the Somali citizens, ratifying the draft constitution through a non-referendum process will not lend any legitimacy to the proposed constitution. Moreover, lack of robust citizen participation both inside the country’s stable regions and in the Diaspora will undermine any potential confidence in the nascent Transitional Federal Institutions.

The under-singed concerned members of the Somali Diaspora including Somali intellectuals, educators, activists and professionals recommend the following:

●      To work on quickly reversing the recently passed unilateral motion extending the TFP mandate for a period of three more years.

●     To put an end to the last twenty years’ de facto policy in which the international community has mismanaged the search for solution of the Somalia crisis.

●     To minimize the role of front-line states’ involvement in the internal affairs of Somalia, especially those countries whose vested political interests are contrary to the aspiration of the Somali peoples' effort to restore peace and stability to their country.

●     To encourage the TFI to reach out to and seek direct negotiation with the opposition groups with the goal of achieving a comprehensive cease fire, cessation of hostilities, and sustainable reconciliation.

●      To delay the ratification of the draft constitution until most of the country is peaceful and ready for robust citizen participation in the constitutional process.

●      To foster an environment that all Somali groups and emerging political parties will receive a level field to run for the head of the state, after August 20, 2011, the end of the current TFG mandate.

01.Faisal Roble, Los Angeles, USA
02.Mohamud Uluso, Michigan, USA
03.Bashir Ali, North Carolina, USA
04.Fowsia Abdulkadir, Ottawa, Canada
05.Abdi Greek, London, UK
06.Abdirizak Mohamed, Toronto, Canada
07.Said M Shire, Toronto, Canada
08.Hussein N. Ahmed “Darwish”, Virginia, USA
09.Abdikarim Buh, London, UK
10.Ahmed Hamud, Toronto, Canada
11.Maxmood Gesey, London, UK
12.Cabdirisaaq Haashi, Indiana, USA
13.Warsame Jirde, Toronto, Canada
14.Farah Ahmed Ali (Gamuute), Edmonton, Canada
15.Ibraahim Iimaan, Boston, USA
16.Abdulkadir Ali Abdi "Xurka", Columbus, USA
17.Abukar Sanei, Columbus, USA
18.Mohamoud A Gaildon, Pennsylvania, USA
19.Liban Dahir Nur, London, UK
20.Abdirahman Abdulle Siad, Toronto, Canada
21.Abdi Dirshe, Toronto, Canada
22.Amira khalif Addawe, Minneapolis, USA
23.Faduma Awow Mohamed, Toronto, Canada
24.Abdulkani Raghe Barrow, Ottawa, Canada
25.Adullahi Osman(Carays), Toronto, Canada
26.Mohamud Khalif, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
27.Prof. Liban A Egal, Virginia, USA
28.Jibril Aw Mohamed, Columbus, USA
29.Mahad Sheikh, Toronto, Canada
30.Prof. Hassan Mahadallah, Louisiana, USA
31.Abshir Mohallim, California, USA
32.Omar abdullahi Aden, Columbus,USA
33.Prof. Amina Mire, Ottawa, Canada
34.Mohamed Adan, Toronto, Canada
35.Abdiwahab Tarey, Los Angelles, USA
36.Ali H. Abdulla, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
37.Mustafa Yasin Salwe, Columbus, USA
38.Dayib Atto, San Francisco, USA
39.Mohamud M Musse, Toronto, Canada
40.Omar M. Mohamed, Toronto, Canada
41.Mohamed Haji (Ingiriis), London, UK
42.Liban Hassan Dirie, Minneapolis, USA
43.Harbi Elmi Farah, London, UK
44.AbdulRahman Sh Ali (Malable), Montreal, Canada
45.Abdulkadir  M. Ali, Virginia, USA
46.Ahmed B Abdullahi, Virginia, USA
47.Abdirashid Gayre, Michigan, USA.
48.Abdisalan Ugaas, Maine, USA
49.Mohamed Muse Makaraan, Columbus, USA
50.Dr. Ali Mohamed Tifow, London, UK
51.Abdulkhaliq O. Mohamed, Manchester, UK
52.Khadija D. Hassan, Toronto, Canada
53.Dr. Ali Gure, London, UK
54.Hibaq Gelle, Toronto, Canada
55.Qamar Hassan, Toronto, Canada
56.Fardowsa A. Gure, London, UK
57.Abdulaziz Hagi Mohamed Hussein, Minneapolis, USA
58.Mohamed Shire Huubse, Columbus, USA
59.Yussuf Abdullahi Ibrahim(Bowbow), Virginia, USA
60.Ali-nur Hussein Bodaye, Toronto, Canada
61.Dr. Nur Faarax, Minneapolis, USA
62.Said Ali Mohamud, Toronto, Canada
63.Mahamud Abdi Afey, Minneapolis, USA
64.Abdikarim Ahmed, Boston, USA
65.Col. Mohamud Tahlil, Boston, USA
66.Hawa Mohamed Ahmed, Rochester, USA
67.Mahamud Eerkolo, Columbus, USA
68.Qaali Ahmed, Minneapolis, USA
69.Mohamed Hirey, MA, USA
70.Aden Hussein, Boston, MA, USA
71.Hussein Abdullahi Tahlil, Nairobi, Kenya
72.Mohamed Taakilo, MA, USA
73.Sirad Farah, London, UK
74.Hassan Mohamed Farah, Melbourne, Australia
75.Mohamed Abdi Barahow, Amsterdam, Netherlands
76.Mohamed Abdi Nur, Nairobi, Kenya
77.Mohamud Dirie Farah, Birmingham, UK
78.Ali Mumin Ghedi, Alberta, Canada
79.Said Shidad, Columbus, USA
80.Farid Omar, Toronto, Canada
81.Suad D. Hassan, Seattle, USA
82.Dr. Abdirahman Jama, Nairobi, Kenya
83.Abdikarim Arale,  Dubai, UAE
84.Fardowso O. Mohamed, Stockholm, Sweden
85.Hussein Haji Ismail, Sidney, Australia
86.Marian Mohamed Hassan, Hamilton, Canada 
87.Mohamed Hassan (Gudbaaye), Minnesota, USA
88.Dr. Tahlil Farah, London, UK
89.Prof. Abdullahi Abdi Gure, Nairobi, Kenya
90.Sadia M Omar, Vancouver, Canada
91.Hassan Abdillahi, Toronto, Canada
92.Farah Osman Gedi, London, UK
93.Khadija Ali Hersi, Toronto, Canada
94.Said Muse Said, Edmonton, Canada
95.Jama M. Ali, Manchester, UK
96.Abdikarim Mumin Elmi, Birmingham, UK
97.Dr. Mohamed Ali Yusf (Lugeey), Nairobi, Kenya
98.Habiba Ali Adan, Toronto, Canada
99.Mohamed D. Hassan, Helsinki, Finland
100.Hamse Warfaa, San Diege, USA
101.Sadiiq Abdirahman, Minnesota, USA
102.Dr. Hassan Mohamed Sabriye, Raleigh, NC
103.Mohamed Ali Kamoole, New Haven, CT
104.Eng. Abdulkadir Yalaxow Hiraabe, Nashville, TN
105.Hassan Kaarshe, Kitchener, Canada
106.Col. Cabdullahi Cali Mocow, NC, USA
107.Prof. Hassan Mohamud (Jaamici), Minneapolis, USA
108.Abdirahmaan Hussein (Jaahweyn), Minneapolis, USA
109.Muumin Bare, Virginia, USA.

110. Habiba Ahmed Aden, Brampton, Canada

111. Osman Duale, Toronto Canada

112. Abdullahi Shire Ali, St. Catherine, Canada

113. Mariam Abdirahim, Toronto, Canada

114. Farhia A. Aden, Toronto, Canada

For additional information please contact;

Email: [email protected]


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