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Egypt: a job opening with benefits

US Should not Mourn for the lost of his friend. Another man can certainly fill his shoes.

by Abubakar Kasim
Sunday, February 13, 2011

The US administration is in  a panic mode over the unexpected departure of its strongest ally in the region due to the  political unrest in the country.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been the best man the United States and its allies could ever have.
With the generous support  he was receiving of over 1.2 billion dollars every year since 1979,  he was doing his  best in making  sure that his benefactors were pleased with him and they were getting the services they were paying for.
He was obedient to the full extent and was not hesitant to do anything to please the west even if it was to imprison, torture his own people.

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My condolences and deep sympathy to the US for this  great loss.
Mr. Mubarak will certainly leave behind big shoes which very few people can fill in. 
The US should not mourn and loose the sleep over this loss. With the lump sum it was paying to Mr. Mubarak, it should not have any difficulty finding another candidate for the job.
If the US places an advertisement on CNN, for instance, it would get a significant number of responses for the opening. 
Many people will abandon their careers and even their families to take on this highly paid position.
I don't think there is any other position in the entire universe that pays that kind of salary.
The advertise  should read, "an opening for a high paid career in Egypt"
In the job description, the advertisement should outline the qualifications and the job description required.
A ruthless man is needed to lead a nation for an annual income of $2 billion with benefits. The income is not final. It will always be under review  depending on the performance. It could dramatically increase if the candidate proves himself over the years.
Your families will never taste hunger in their life and even when your people kick you out, you will have millions saved in Swiss bank and other financial  institutions to live a life of luxury.
You will get the chance  to dine with the President of the United States and other world leaders. 
No university degree is necessary even though it is a good asset. All that is  required  is an unconditional commitment to obey the orders which could include killing innocent people and torturing them mercilessly.
As  time is of the essence,  candidates are asked to submit their qualifications as soon as possible. The most ruthless candidate will get the job.
Candidates are encouraged to mention any history of criminal activity they have had in the past including burglary, home invasion, incest, rape and murder. 
Even though the current opening is for  Egypt, candidates for other regions including Somalia are welcomed to submit their applications. 
Due to the significant nature of Egyp and the important role it plays in the region, the annual income is guaranteed but leaders of other regions will get different salaries depending on the country.
We are not taking application for Afghanistan at the moment as the position has already been filled by Mr. Hamid Karzai.
As the situation in Yemen, Algeria and other parts of the world is deemed unstable and the current rulers might be toppled at any time, there could be openings in those areas. Everyone is welcomed to apply.
If the US places such ad, it could soon get someone else to replace Mr. Mubarak and perhaps  he could be more obedient than Mr. Mubarak himself.
Abubakar Kasim
E-mail: akasim88@yahoo.com


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