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Shame on you lawmakers…

by Jama Bille
Wednesday, February 09, 2011

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The lawmakers’ hasty and unruminated decision to extend their term for three additional years is preposterous. Such egotistic idea is shocking and horrendous to not only our society, but the international community also. Likewise, to play such an old trick in a collective fashion at a time when the country is in a shambles and the Somalis are suffering hardships everywhere is unwise and deplorable. Similar thoughtless choices placed the country in this inextricable state in the first place.

Having 421 lawmakers to cast their votes in favor of the extension is beyond rationale. This tenuous proposal should not be on the floor for up-and-down vote at all. When unrestrained voracity for power lengthens attempts to outfox impartiality emerge.

At this instant, unless the lawmakers have the guts to stand up for the sake of their country and alter their course with sincere commitment, the opposition’s allegation that the entire leadership body of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is unscrupulous will be confirmed to be correct.  

In times like this, the majority votes do not render justice and equality. History never skips such unbalanced proceedings to be recorded in the history pages for future readers.  Before that ensues, the lawmakers should hold a special session to reverse their decision and repeal the extension. They then must apologize for their blunder with sincerity, primarily to the Somali people.

Furthermore, the lawmakers had to be aware that every bit of their actions counts and the world are vigilant. If this was a test for the Somalis and the international community TOO BAD, if it was an honest mistake then the lawmakers should advance for an immediate rectification. It is the responsibility of all humanity to address injustice anywhere because the ramifications of unfair acts affect us alike.

If the lawmakers bear their obligation with a dignified role to rectify their mistakes then a beacon of hope may be in sight. Should the lawmakers favor to remain obdurate then that may entail a greater mistrust and a fiasco once again.  Moreover, it may mean that the oath the lawmakers took to represent the sole interest of their people was bogus.  

Although Somalia has been a victim of incessant fraud, corruption and destruction both from external and internal entities for a long time in this modern era, it will continue to endure and ultimately prevail.

Jama Bille
[email protected]


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