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Mogadishu You deserve better

By Faisal Abdi
January 23, 2008

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Since the collapse of the central government, the nation of Somalia has gone through tremendous changes. The affect of the civil war led people to spread throughout the country, each going to where his family originally resided. Due to the tribalism that affects the whole African continent, it affects Somalia more than any other nation. It started to segregate people tribe by tribe, class by class, which was the main reason for collapse of the unity of the nation. Hunger and famine broke out through; displaced people filled the refugee camps and neighboring countries. While these horrific events took place, things were in their own way getting better. With God's help, Somalia stayed alive. Some regions attained peace; some even got international recognition, due to their relative calm. This opportunity opened the door to many Somalis inside the country as well as elsewhere. Education became higher than expected, and less disease were spread even though no one can confirm such a fact. It was a time where the only thing that was needed was some type of government and law.

While the rest of Somalia hopes for and sees glimpses of peace, Mogadishu remains a place where the dead come out at night. It has become a prey field for all citizens, no matter how young or old, or whether you are male/female. It has become a nightmare where shaitans (Satan) wrestled at night. The place where millions once called home is now a ghost city with wild dogs and remnants of human bones. It is a shelter for thugs who have gotten used the killing and sucking of the human blood for years. They see no hope nor do they even know the quality or potential of human life. Their main goal is to kidnap, kill, rob, and humiliate the society. Mogadishu deserve better?

Is the soil that made this seaport town the haunted place it has supposedly become? Are the people of Mogadishu the one's that should be blamed? The answer to both questions is No. because at one time there people who used to call it Hamar Addey. Mogadishu remains in every Somali nationalist heart as a symbol for all of us. The destructions it suffered touch every one of us, and we all wish it would become the peaceful Mogadishu that it was before.

I dedicated this Poem to Mogadishu

You were as bright as the sun is;

You were a symbol that secured the Somali name.

Your breeze was breathed by all.

You were a sign for peace and unity.

While sounds of conversation surround other capitals,

A siren of speed shells shakes you at night,

River of bloods and sounds of artillery becomes your signature.

Almighty Mogadishu you don't deserve this.

Beautiful towers are all that remains of deserted town;

Dust and the burn of gun powder have become your smell.

And the world is still watching you.

Almighty Mogadishu you don't deserve this

May Allah shine Nour on you again;

And give you a lasting break of peace;

May Allah give you your dignity back;

And forgive your soil with a new Hasanna'

And may Allah unify us again as a nation.


Faysal Abdi is  junior at Marian College and independent Nasheed artist.....

I can be reached at following addresses.


or [email protected]

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