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Sharing Joy with Abdi-Noor

Ed KostroBy Ed Kostro
Monday, January 21, 2008

I have known Abdi-Noor Mohamed since he joined Authorsden several years ago. He has always had a very deep and burning desire to write about Somalia, much on its changing political trends, and much more on the appalling aspects of his nation''s deteriorating humanitarian conditions. Abdi-Noor''s poetry has shed much light on the dark corners of Somalia''s forgotten war, touching deeply on the inner feelings of the soul with his words of wisdom and compassion. In one of his heart-wrenching poems, Abdi-Noor Mohamed wrote: 

Abdi-Noor Mohamed

"With the power of the pen, Peace should be restored; What warlords have destroyed, Should be re-built with the ink of the poets."
With his insight and writing talent, Abdi-Noor Mohamed has brought the Somali tragedy to the attention of the world, while attempting to find ways and means of proposing viable solutions for the seemingly incurable ills that have so long devastated his nation. It is with great pleasure to mention that he has accomplished a great deal of work over the past four years here at Authorsden, as he has written well over 1,000 titles of various genres in the form of books, articles, stories, and poetry. He has taken this assignment as a matter of high priority covering Somalia and other international issues with the best of his ability, integrity, commitment, and dedication.
My main purpose in writing this piece About Abdi-Noor is not only to praise him, but to show the world that even in the depths of war, chaos, and despair, one can still maintain courage to keep the Flame of Hope Glowing. Abdi-Noor Mohamed has been writing in a situation of war where there was no security, no peace, no employment, or even proper housing and shelter, and where killings and kidnappings were the order of the day. Yet, with the grace of God, he has managed to shine like a star rising in the blissful horizon of delight.  
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But it is not ''quantity'' that matters in the world of writing. It is the quality of the material content which should be taken into consideration. In this case, Abdi-Noor Mohamed has demonstrated creative skills of high quality in language mastery, and more, a gift for writing. His writings have earned him a marvelous reputation in the Authorsden family, and in the wider writing community in general. More than six thousand reviews have been made on his works, and hundreds of thousands of readers have visited his site as indicated at the DEN´s "click statistics".
And do not forget that Abdi-Noor has not marginalized his indigenous Somali language as he has produced Somali poems, films, and songs of historical value as shown in his Bio at the den. Please check out: authorsden.com/abdinoorhajimohamed.  When I asked him who he would like to thank, Abdi-Noor simply smiled and said:
“ First I thank the management of Authorsden and all those who have visited my site or read my works at the DEN. I also thank the Somali websites, especially Hiiraan Online for publishing my works though some of my material did not sail through as the editor always reserves the right of publication. The feedback I have been receiving from friends and readers have not only inspired me to write more articles and poetry, but also gave me the strength to garner information and scratch truth from under the skin of the event under coverage." Concluded Abdi-Noor
As a fellow poet at Authorsden, I wish to thank Abdi-Noor Mohamed for his various literary accomplishments which have had far reaching impact on human concerns. This Somali writer has set a record to all of us who have not yet written 1,000 titles in a language other than that of our mother tongue. We must applaud Abdi-Noor for this great success, and wish him the best of luck in his prolific writing endeavours.
Thank you. 

Ed Kostro is an award winning writer with a passion for nature, wild animals, pets, our valiant veterans, Native American culture, history, nostalgia, and humor.

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