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Welcome Mr. Minister

By Abdi-noor Mohamed
Thursday, January 17, 2008

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From the internet I have learned that Ahmed Abdisalam Adan, a friend and a college mate, has been nominated a minister for information in the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG). Mr. Adan is a co-founder of the Somali radio and Television Horn Afrik, which is believed to be the first independent media instituion ever established in Somalia. Since its inception in 1999, seven of its staff have been brutally murdered by gunmen who are paid by terror elements who want to silence the voices of freedom.

The latest victims of such a dirty conspiracy were Mahad Ahmed Elmi and Ali Iiman Sharmarke who were killed in point blan shooting and roadside bombs. The Hork Afrik founders, Mr. Ahmed Abdisalam, Ali Sharmarke and Mohamed Elmi Dulcad are Canadians of Somali origin who sacrificed their life for promoting peace in their war-torn country but unfortunately faced waves of terror orchestrated by power-hungry politicians and freelance killers.

New Minister of Information Mr. Ahmed Abdisalan Adan-  Aug 2007/HOL/File
I know Ahmed for being a staunch defender of human rights and freedom of expression and I hope his true colors will not fade in the qucik-gain scramble of the TFG. I dedicate this poem to the new minister, Ahmed Abdisalam Adan and wish him success in his new job.

Welcome Mr.Minister
When radio divulged news
I immediately dashed out
I wanted to buy flowers
But in the market place
I have found only bombs
Bullets were there too
Buyers were too many
In blood we are all drowning
Minister, Will you make a reverse
Or you will just sail with the wind?
Will the Somali sky rain hope
Or the clouds are just a dead ash?
Will we be free to speak and write
Or the pen still remains a hostage?
Will we come out to dance in the light
Or only through the dark do rulers see?
Will the children come out to play
or the mortars keep exploding on them?
After all will the Ethiopians leave
Or is that too soon to talk
Welcome Mr. Minister

Abdi-noor Mohamed
Writer and film maker
Götenborg, Sweden
[email protected]

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