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Nora Sharmarke: Keeping the legacy of my dad

Speech by Nora Sharmarke, daughter of late Ali Iman Sharmake at the first anniversay of the death of her father.


Nora Sharmarke, the daughter of Ali Iman Sharmarke

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for coming to this occasion of commemorating the first anniversary of the death of my dad and role model, Ali Iman Sharmarke as well as the unveiling of the Sharmarke Peace foundation which came about to ensure that my dad’s desires and life goals are kept alive.


My name is Nora Sharmarke, the daughter of Ali Iman Sharmarke. I was born in Ottawa Canada in 1997 therefore I am a Somali-Canadian citizen. I am in year seven at The Braeburn School in Nairobi.


I have two brothers who are currently away in Canada. My mother Lul Sharmarke who is with us here today continues to guide and inspire us despite the tough times that we encounter.


I feel honoured today to stand here and celebrate the life of my father. He was my hero and will always remember his good and generous deeds to us as a family and to the Somali society at large.


Unlike many children who always have their father around, my father was always away on many occasions. I would miss him and sometimes compile questions that I would ask him the next time he came home.


 I remember some particular questions that I once asked him and I quote “Daddy why are you always away from us? And when are you retiring? He replied “I am away because I am helping the poor, the destitute and all those who are suffering to find peace in my beloved country – Somalia”


This answer put the matter to rest and I was happy and I always wished him well in his endeavours.


In the quest of being close as a family we moved from Canada to Kenya in 2007 so that my dad could visit us as frequently as possible. Unfortunately after two months of settling in Kenya, my dad was brutally killed on 11th August 2007 by the enemies of peace in Somalia.


After intense soul-searching and much consultation, we as Ali Sharmarke’s family decided that instead of revenge, we shall seek peace and reconciliation for the good of all of the Somali community both at home and those in the diaspora.


My father having been a journalist inspired me a lot. I made a personal decision to take up journalism when I grow up and strive to achieve the legacy of my dad. The Sharmarke Peace Foundation will be the channel through which we shall keep the vision of our father alive!


“Dad you died while serving the poor, the suffering and the destitute. I know that you went straight to heaven. We as the Sharmarke family shall work hard through the foundation to ensure that your life was not in vain!”


Thank you all once again for your attendance.

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