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Who spoiled Ethiopian Dreams?

by Abdulkadir  Aden “Jangeli”
Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The literature you are about to read is divided in 4 parts. Its contents are based on facts and fictions. The players are the stakeholders of Somali politics and blights: Ethiopia, warlords,  “fadhikudirir”, ICU and the rest  of the world.


Part I

Zirrow: What shall we do now?

In mid November of 1999 Minister Zirrow raised that question in a meeting with his top 5 trusted advisors of Ethiopia: Berhanu, Wolde, Tassefa, Asfaum, and Girgis.

Girgis: We can destroy Eritrea’s army in a week and we can recapture Asmara within 2 weeks!

Zirrow: And then what?

Girgis: Well, that will be the end of Eritrea! It is not the first time that we have lost Eritrea and then recaptured it. Just like before we can make it a part of Ethiopia again.

Asfaum: That is not possible: a) The world will not accept the invasion or the take-over of a sovereign country. b) Eritrea has been fighting for half a century for their independence and they will not rest until they drive us out!

Tassefa: I have a vision. A vision that my ancestors had and dreamed about for so long, but could never be possible to achieve before today.

There was complete silence in the room and every body was so anxious to hear what the wise man was about to say.


Historical background:

It is a fact that for centuries Ethiopia has wanted to extend its territory up to the Somali seashores. Emperor Menelik I and Emperor Haile Salessie never got weary of showing, in the diplomatic arena and in UN conferences, that Somalia was suppose to belong to the Ethiopian Empire. Those claims were elapsed in 1960 when Northern and Southern Somalia became independent countries and united on July 1st, 1960 as the Somali Republic.


From 1960 to 1990 the cold war warriors supported both Somalia and Ethiopia for strategic purposes, but after the collapse of the USSR both regimes in Somalia and Ethiopia fell down. Unlike Somalia, Ethiopia was lucky to have western countries rescue them before facing major structural damage.

Mr. Meles Zenawi became head of Ethiopian’s government in 1991 and soon after he solidified his power he granted Eritrea its independence from Ethiopia. It did not take long when hostility began between the two nations, and subsequently a war broke out between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Unfortunately, while the war continued on, Mr. Zenawi became the main sponsor for Somali reconciliations and controlled many of the Somali warlords.


He was determined to look, with a fresh eye, onto Somalia’s statehood. In the beginning, Mr. Zenawi’s role in Somalia could have been modestly defined as an honest broker; however new issues that he did not anticipate rose. He has been accused of making Ethiopia, “The Great Empire“ a land locked country when he let Eritrea depart. And as a result of the war, Eritrea’s sea port access for Ethiopia has been blocked. So, the internal pressure and political blame games became Zenawi’s daily bread. Consequently, Mr. Zinawi wants to find a way out of this land lock.


The men continued on with the intense meeting.

Zirrow: Tassefa, please speak up and share with us your vision!

Tassefa: Mr. Minister, how long have we known each other?

Zirrow: Long enough.

Tassafa: Do you remember our discussion in 1992 regarding Eritrea’s independence and how I emphasized its great effect on Ethiopia?

Zirrow: Please, tell us what you have in mind, I am not interested in what went on before.

Tassefa: Have any one of you guessed why I insisted on designing a star with a blue circle in the middle of our Tri-color flag? If you think back to our flag’s contemporary history, it has changed a few times. Remember the Lion of Judah during Emperor Haile Selessie. That was not just a symbol as such, but there was a good reason why Emperor Haile Selessie wanted the Lion of Judah as an insignia. Also there was another good explanation why the Derg of Mengistu Haile Mariam substituted the Lion of Judah for the Red Star of Soviet communism as coat of arms. I was so glad when we removed the communism insignia from our flag and just left it plain with only the Tri-color stripes Green, Yellow, and Red. Otherwise it would have been very difficult to convince, you, Mr. Minister for changing our insignia again with a Blue Star in the middle.

Asfaum: I am lost Mr. Minister. I am not sure what the flag insignia has to do with our agenda, so I am humbly appealing to Tassefa to be straightforward with us.

Tassefa: I’ll be brief, but before I make myself clear, I want you to have an open mind, so that Ethiopia will rise again and shine at the shores of Indian Ocean and Red Sea. I am confessing that for years I was helping all warring adversaries of Somalia’s warlords. As Ethiopian’s national security advisor, I planned that Somalia would never get off the ground to set up a substantial government. I was untying every knot that international or regional organizations were stitching for Somalia to gain strength. I became the fuel of Somalia’s blight.

Asfaum interrupted: Why? And you did that without permission from the Minister? You must be kidding!!!?

Zirrow: Please don’t interrupt him. Go on Tassefa.

Tassefa: Well, we all know that the Ethiopian Empire or Abyssinia was stretched out all the way up to Arabia. Most of the East African countries were part of Abyssinia, and Somalia was critical for its large Sea access. The point is, we need Somalia shores more than anything! If it does not have a legitimate government for the next 30 years and Ethiopians keep immigrating to every city and town in Somalia we can easily over populate the country and within decades become the majority.

Grigis, shouted with enthusiasm by supporting figures: Yes, in tree decades over hundred millions of Ethiopians vs. ten millions of Somalias.

Asfaum: Come on, Tassefa, is that the dream you have always been dreaming about? This is wishful thinking, is it not?. Let us talk about the real issue and have a viable plan for Ethiopia. We don’t need any fairy tales here!

Zirrow: Guys let me tell you, Tassefa did have my permission, and I want you to open your ears and listen very carefully, because this is Top Secret. It is some of the most sensitive information and strategic planning that any government is to carry out in modern history; therefore none of you will leak or reveal anything you have heard today to a friend, family member or colleagues. I would hate to see any of you die because you couldn’t hold such a secret!.

Wolde: Okay Mr. Minister, you have our word. But, I am still curious about the Blue star in the middle of our flag. What it is that about?

Tassefa: It is simple. Just like Somali has a star in its flag, we shall too. You have to associate what you are looking for and find a way you can resemble it. Emperor Haile Selessie with the Lion of Judah, and just like Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam did with the Red Star to resemble the Soviet’s communism.

Berhanu is a very quite man. He likes to analyze people. He has a degree in psychology and he was the deputy chief for National Security for over a decade. He has extensive experience for Somalia’s issues and he has a deep knowledge for Somali culture and clan divisions. Also he speaks perfect Somali, but he never speaks to Somali politicians or warlords. He is the architect for Somalia’s current instability and the mentor of Tassefa.

Berhanu: Mr. Minister as Tassefa divulged, we emphasized a couple of things:

a) To divide Somalia into clan based regions or governments.

b) To support all clans, all warlords or even all regional governments.

c) To avoid at any cost, clans, warlords or politicians agreeing upon anything which may lead Somalia to reemerge and have a viable state.

Asfaum: How about Somaliland?

Berhanu: Somaliland? As you know we have a good relationship with the leaders and we have planned a lot of projects with them. Our objective is to start to populate Somaliland and Puntland with Ethiopians and we have the incentives for that. We arranged projects for Somaliland and Puntland, and part of the components on these projects is our skilled laborers and subordinates to work in those ventures. Once 20,000 Ethiopians get into their Lands, the rest will be done smoothly. Hundreds of thousands will follow the footsteps of their fellow Ethiopians. Somalis are very naïve. There is no need to be cautious about how we are implementing the destruction of their country. The Somalis themselves will be our defendants and advocates. They will give our immigrants different labels like: They are Muslims, they are Oromo, they are very good house builders, they are good guardians, they are excellent in domestic work, Ethiopians helped us when we needed them, we are brothers, the Ethiopians are helping us with important projects for our land, they have increased our revenue by using our ports, and airports.

Asfaum: I understand that part, but South Africa, Senegal and a couple of other African governments are very sympathetic for Somaliland’s statehood. In addition, they are pressuring Western countries for Somaliland’s recognition, so its just a matter of time until Somaliland will be recognized.

Zirrow: Hahaha….. Let us stop pretending, and put everything on the table. We must all be clear from now on. Ethiopia’s foreign policy for Somalia is to cease its existence as a state. Except for Asfaum, I have secretly discussed how we should destroy the Somali statehood structure with each one of you, but now we have to be transparent with one another. Welcome aboard Mr. Asfaum, I know you are a gentleman and you like to implement what you preach, but you have to realize that we are implanting the dreams of our ancestors. We cannot afford to pass this golden opportunity …. Indian Oceans and Red Sea shores!!!!. Please restrain your thoughts on unfeasibility for this plan. A nation can not prosper if her leaders don’t dream to implement “IMPOSSIBLE” tasks.

Asfaum: I fully understand your point Mr. Minister, but…?

Zirrow: Well, now I want you to dig up any and every information from every Somali warlord, political leaders, clan leaders, religion leaders, intellectuals … etc, because we have to select those that will implement this strategy with us.

Asfaum: How will we justify this, if a suspicion arises from international or regional organizations. What if they question our conduct regarding Somali reconciliation and relations with Somali warlords?

Zirrow: Very good question. We will discuss this on our agenda for next week, but don't forget.........leaking this information results in death!!!

By Abdulkadir  Aden “Jangeli”
E-mail: [email protected]

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