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Live Embers of Talent

by Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Sunday, September 23, 2007

Somali artists such as poets and writers are the light of their community to shine at all times, particularly such times when there is war or famine. Most of them have fled to North America Canada and Europe to find protection and safety until such time their country comes back to life or, say, gets out of the war coma.  Those who remained behind have witnessed the worst of all conditions in terms of survival and security. But they are getting tougher as the winds of anarchy blows harsher. I dedicate this poem to all our artists especially those who still remain in the motherland.


In this land of chaos

Of shooting and killing

Of discord and dissension


In this land of strife

of trouble and conflict

Of resistance and rivalry


We see people armed to fight

We see elders not reconciling

But fanning the fire of hatred


We see souls possessed by the devil

We see insatiable minds disturbed by gluttony

We see hearts driven to misery and desolation


But on the other side of the red war coin

We see people with undiminished spirits

They are our artists poets and writers


Under harsh conditions they are surviving

They have lost everything in the war

But never did they lose their dignity


Under the dead ashes of despair

There lies live ember of talent

I am happy to be one of them

Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Writer and
, Somalia

[email protected]

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