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Open Letter to the New PM

By A M Nur (Dhaashane)
Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Nur Ade
New PM Nur Hassan Hussein (Nur Ade)
Prime Minister,
to my understanding, this post is one of the most difficult positions a person can be appointed, especially in Somalia’s current situation. There are many obstacles and difficulties you must be facing; however, with Allah’s help (SW) things can be achieved. I advise you to put your trust in Allah (SW), think positively, use wisdom, and decide carefully. You are being watched by all Somalis around the world. Thus, your first strategic move is very important and clear sign of the direction of your trip. Most importantly, we are hoping that you will prove to be a strong personality who is committed to the good of our nation. As a Somali national I care about my people and my country. I worry about what is happening in our homeland especially in the capital – Mogadishu; thus, I would sincerely like to pass on my advice to you as part of my obligations. Since good leadership is beneficial for both our people and country.


Prime Minister, fear Allah (SW) for yourself and for your people as you will stand in front of Allah (SW) to testify your deeds in a day wherein neither wealth nor sons will avail. Life is not to be taken for granted, it is a test. Indeed death will follow and everything that is approaching is nearby. Think about death, the darkness of the grave, the questions in the grave and the life hereafter. Remember that, the Prophet Mohamed (SCW) said, the life-time of my ummah is in between sixty to seventy years and very few of them will pass beyond that, you might be approaching these years of your life.


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Prime Minister,
our country was destroyed by its people due to ignorance, greediness and selfishness, in particular, by many of those sitting in the Baidoa warehouse (The so-called Parliament); it is your duty to try to establish and set an example for a good administration. You are not a clan or sub-clan elder rather you are carrying our national and religious identity on your shoulders - You are The Prime Minister of Somalia.


Prime Minister, we all need a government for our own benefit, but we feel let down and humiliated by those representing us. I do believe that, war is not the way forward, clan cleansing or group marginalization are worthless practices; similarly, gun power superiority will never be a solution or bring people together rather it is a destructive method that further divides the country.


Prime Minister, please discredit those among us with clanic grievances, these are domestic issues in comparison to what we have to deal with. Search for a genuine reconciliation that is free and fair for all Somalis, talk to anyone that wants to participate, avoid handpicking people that are your supporters or supporters of similar people, since this approach will be counterproductive and prove to be a recipe for disaster. Remember the footsteps of your predecessor, as it is not befitting for a wise man not to learn from the mistakes of those who came before him. 



Prime Minister, pay no attention to the warlords as they are the most hated individuals among our nation. Don’t let them pretend or persuade you that they are your supporters; likewise don’t let them fool you into believing that alliance with them will help you retain power. If they were capable of this, they would have done it for your predecessor. They have no power and their influence is minimal.


Prime Minister, choose ministers that are honest, respectable, educated, co-operative and willing to sacrifice and save their country and people from the current dilemma. Such individuals exist in every clan. Wear your life-saving jacket for your nation, seek their confidence and work towards becoming a national hero. We would hope that you can stand up independently for justice and that you do not allow external influences to stop your mission.           Carry out your duties in a manner that you deem appropriate - not what others impose as appropriate. Try to be a man in your own right and be aware of being used as a pawn by those with ulterior motives. I would advise you to do you job to the best of your ability. However I would suggest that you resign from the post if you feel that the pressure is too great or that you’re unable to carry out your duty.



Finally, Prime Minister, Somalis are all interconnected, we have number of distinctive characteristics from the rest of Africa and the world. It is naïve of us to presume that our people will be perpetual enemies. You have an excellent opportunity to bring us together; we will all support you provided that you are willing to take this opportunity. I hope that you take the above advice seriously; you will be in our prayers.

 A M Nur (Dhaashane).
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