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2nd North American Somali Diaspora Conference

November 30th & December 1st, 2007   Washington D.C





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The 2nd North American Somali Diaspora Conference organizers welcome and thank you for visiting the Conference Site. We hope you will join us and attend this worthwhile two-day conference on underscoring the plight of the Somali people and bring a lasting freedom and democracy to the Somali people.  We expect an outstanding program including workshops, visual presentation, and distinguished speakers and guests.


The conference will provide good comradely and fellowship as well as an opportunity to share ideas on how to help Somali nation and people in this critical moment. For planning purposes, please complete the online registration form as soon as possible.


Conference Theme: 


Help yourself, help your fellow countrymen

Please join us!!!

This is about our people, country and our future. We must stand up, support, and unite to help ourselves.

Raising awareness on the plight of the Somali people and solidifying the efforts of the North American Somali Diaspora communities


Conference Objectives:
  • To unify Somali organizations in North America that are committed to ending Ethiopian occupation and establishing a democratic state
  • To devise a feasible grand strategy to end the Ethiopian occupation and bring freedom, peace and justice through advocacy, raising awareness, and community mobilization
  • To shed light on the massacre of thousands of Somali civilians by the occupying Ethiopian troops and militias of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG)



Expected speakers and guests include distinguished members of the US Congress, highly regarded academicians, think-tank members, human rights advocators, and community leader and activists.




It is our hope that all North America Somali Diaspora community members who are committed to ending the Ethiopian occupation and establishing a democratic state will attend.


When to Make Commitment:


NOW!! Complete the online registration and payment as soon as possible


Deadline on Commitment:


November 26, 2007 ....however, the earlier you commit to this worthwhile activity, the better we can plan for registration and accommodations.


Conference Sponsors:


Pan Somali Council for Peace and Democracy (ISRAAC) - Ohio

Somali American Peace Council (SAPC)- Washington D.C

Somali Canadian Diaspora Alliance (SCDA) - Toronto, Canada

Somali Diaspora Network (SDN) - Virginia

Somali Institute for peace and Justice (SIPJ) - Minneapolis

United Somali Diaspora (USD) - Minneapolis





Friday, November 30 - Saturday, December 1, 2007




Best Western Falls Church

6633 Arlington Blvd

Falls Church, VA 22042

(703) 532-9000



  • Cost of registration - $60 (includes breakfast and lunch on both days). Please register online by scrolling down to the bottom of the page then either click on the hyperlink under registration or the image to the right
  • Cost of lodging - $82.50 per room (double occupancy is also available for the same price) - you will be responsible for your hotel reservation and payment. You must call the hotel directly to reserve your room at (703) 532-9000 and state that you are attending the SCC Conference in order to get the group



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