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Cleanse the Vandals from Mogadishu!

Abdulaziz Mohammed
Sunday, November 18, 2007


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The insurgency of doom, the holders of a state hostage and Al-Qaeda copycats have been busy in Mogadishu for months now in their shameful, killing spree, among other things. While the rest of southern Somalia, including most of Mogadishu neighborhoods, is at peace, few pockets in Mogadishu—where these vandals had found safe heaven and from which they devise and launch daily terror on the rest of the city—had become the sole obstacle to the full resurrection of the Somali state. All peaceful efforts to dissuade them from their insistent destructive ways had been to no avail.       


From their military terror wing, contrary to the Somali code-of-conduct of war, both from cultural and religion point of reference, nothing would be a taboo, a line not to cross, in their methods of killing and the treatment of their enemy’s dead. Somalis have never been known to be as people who would shrink from a fight or to display cowardice in the face of an enemy. Equally and more importantly, Somalis have conducted themselves in war with utmost honor and dignity. Consider for a moment the following story as it relates to war: There were to Somali sub-clans at war, and warriors from one of the sub-clans had captured a man from the other sub-clan; instead of killing him, one of the hostage holders suggested to cut off his “balls.” The victim upon hearing what was to be done to him said to them “waa inoo xeer,” which means this would be the “code-of-conduct” of war between us then. The flash in their minds of such horrific act done to them and their fellow warriors, if they were to find themselves in the hands of their enemy, had made them to rethink it. Instead, they done the honorable in war time, they killed the man.


Dead Ethiopian Soldier
Somalis crowd around the body of an Ethiopian soldier after is was dragged through the streets of Mogadishu - AFP
The desecration of the dead of the enemy, for instance, no matter whom and how despicable the enemy might have been, by dismembering or dragging it through the streets had never been associated with the Somalis until these barbarians had employed it. Of course, these terror tactics had produced the desired outcome for them thugs before, when their victims were American soldiers, as Washington, horrified, hastily decided to cut its losses and remove its military forces from Mogadishu during its Restore Hope operation in Somalia—for fear of being seen, if it were to involve in deeper quagmire, as the ‘Great America’ oppressing poor black Africans. As they are finding it out now, however, this dog won’t hunt, sort of speak, this time with the Tigre soldiers. Unfortunately, the Tigre soldiers had decided to practice reciprocity in brutality and desecration.


Another shameful tactic, a new one at that, is dispensed by their propagandist political wing. This is the false claim of speaking for “beesha Hawiye.” As a Somali, I never thought I would live to hear such unmitigated nonsense. As if all Hawiye, one of the Somali major clans, was all gathered under one roof, and after much deliberation, some of its members appointed to speak for the rest, is this what we are to believe? This from the very criminals who had no qualms, when it suited them, to bombard with artillery shells their own fellow Hawiye and turn Mogadishu into a bloodbath. Obviously, all Somalis know better.     


To use the Hawiye name to further their aim of vetoing the reinstitution of the Somali state and to continue lawlessness, chaos and state of impunity is to denigrate all the good works of Hawiye who were the founding fathers of the Somali state. They were the founders and the members of Somali resistance movements, like the Somali Youth Club (SYC) which later became the Somali Youth League (SYL), against the colonial powers. After independence, Somalis would elect freely and overwhelmingly President Adan Abdulle Osman, a patriot and a nationalist Somali of the Hawiye. As the news came to all Somalis on the death of this former president at the age of 99 years this last June, nothing but praise and adulation was expressed for this gentle of a man from all his fellow Somalis.


Remember General Daud—the first Somali with the rank of general in the first Somali Army; a man, another Hawiye, who became the vanguard against enemies within and without to the Somali nation; to this day and forever, all Somalis anywhere hold him as a Somali hero. He must be turning with anger in his grave! In addition, Abdullahi Ciise, yet another Hawiye, chairman of the Somali Youth League (SYL) and later the first prime Minster of Somalia. These are but a few of many from Hawiye who sacrificed so much to establish, build, maintain and protect with their lives Qarannimo Somaliyeed (Somali nationalism and state). How disgusting that some of the Hawiye lately had dishonored the legacy of above mentioned true Somali patriots by contributing to and maintaining of the downfall of the Somali state. The good news is that the majority of the Hawiye had caught up with the lies of these vandals and they are now willing to put an end to them once and for all.              


It pains me to hear about more deaths of innocent Somalis, as they are caught between the hoodlums who would provoke the TFG and its allies and then hide behind women and children and the response these thugs would invoke, which is usually a deadly firepower. They gangs set it up: the scenario in which more civilian deaths will occur and more people will flee, so that they would get populace support. They feed on mayhem and chaos, make no mistakes about it, they could care less about the deaths of civilians. What are the Government and its allies to do in such situation? Just take the daily dose of deadly blows—of police stations attacked, grenades lapped, mines planted, assassinations performed and mortars aimed and fired at government buildings— and not respond! I had not even mentioned what the residents of Mogadishu endure at the hands of these saboteurs. No mercy for the merciless, I say, and sooner they are done with, the sooner people in Mogadishu could sleep in peace, the sooner children could go to school and their only worry would be about their homework—the sooner debris and rubble will be removed from allover the city, the sooner businesses will flourish, the sooner normal daily life and its issues will resume; oh, how I long for that for Xamar Cadday!


There is another alternative for the so-called insurgency, which is for them to lay down their weapons and comeback to the fold; come and take your rightful place at the political table. None of the TFG members are without blood in their hands, but at least the warlords have come, by force—and some by choice—from the Union of Islamic courts (UIC), to abandon their warlordship and have been willing to be part of the effort to remake the Somali state. I don’t like a bit the makeup of the TFG, but if it serves in the interim peace and order, I—as a Somali—am grateful for that!


If on the other hand, you the insurgency is to insist in continuing this violence, which has only achieved more hardship for our innocent civilians, then you are without a doubt the enemy of Somali statehood! If your true objective is to see the end of this brutal Ethiopian presence on Somali soil, then by ceasing your mindless violence, Ethiopia will have no excuse but leave Somalia. If they don’t, I and the rest of the Somalis will join you to forcibly eject them out. If you do not stop this violence, then you are clearly using “Ethiopia,” that great historical enemy of the Somalis, as an excuse for your continued need to quench your addiction to lies, violence and mob rule; for all I know you too well, if these were Pakistani soldiers, our brothers in faith, instead of the Tigre, you would be doing exactly the same. Did not you already massacre the UN Pakistani soldiers in Mogadishu? Huh! Proof me wrong!

Abdulaziz Mohammed

[email protected]

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