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War in Lasaanod! Is it the Beginning and the end of the so-called “Somaliland” independence saga?
By Aden Mohamed Tani
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
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The myth or Daraawish legend, freedom fighters and anti-colonialist from Sool region of
Somalia are still alive in Laasanod and Taleex. However, radical and clan organised and motivated Secessionist cadre in Hargeisa marked those people in the barren landscape of Sool as well as those in the neighbouring mountainous region of Sanag as the crossroad or the border line of what they called “Somaliland”.
Almost frustrated and radicalised secessionist clique in Hargeisa tried to convince the world years after the collapse of the Said Barre tyranny regime and hopelessly failed state of Somalia, that they have been colonised by the British Empire and that they want to regain their independence from the Somalis that have been once colonised by the Italian fascists.
Unfortunately and cynically at the time of the independence request or declaration of the Northwest Somalia, the Southern part of Somalia was in the middle of the most devastating civil war of the history of both Somalis those who have been colonised by the British Empire as well as those Somalis have subjugated to the Italian fascist rule.
However, the invasion of a peaceful town in Sool region in the Northwest of Somalia by radical secessionist movement from Hargeisa is literally an out break of a violent frustration of secessionists and sectarians in Hargeisa. Apart from the clan arithmetic of Northwest Somalia, the invasion has a positive dimension which most analysts from the diehard unionist side avoids to speak out and that is that the invasion of Lasanod provided the International community information about the real demission of a coming disaster in Northwest Somalia.
The sectarians in Hargeisa are playing with lives of millions of innocent people and they are about to initiate and cultivate hate between Daarod and Issaq which are peacefully living together in many regions Inhabited by Somalis.
During the 90th, Somalis in the South have witnessed and went through the most horrifying and brutal civil wars between clans like Darood and Hawieye. Our people in the South are just trying to leave behind a clan war and are struggling to establish a Somali State with all its political difficulties and contradictions.
In contrary to that, political and clan hardliners in Hargeisa are literally planting day in and day out the seeds of violence for the next century In Sool and Sanag regions of Somalia. The continuous humiliation of Somalis in Hargeisa simply because they are Ogaden or Darood is an initiation or even creation directly a civil war in regions inhabited by both Issaq and Daarood pastoral communities.
If you couldn’t achieve your independence in a peaceful minor it is ridiculous to assume that you can achieve it by war in Lassanod. The Somalis from the North must know and understand now (before it is too late) that it leads always to a tragedy when people follow blindly their clan leaders.
Specially, it will lead to a horrifying tragedy and agony when the intelligencer fails to recognise how fast a system can collapses which is literally based on hate of other people.
The invasion of Lasaanod irreversibly damaged the peaceful image and ambitions of independence of Northwest Somalia and it dismantled completely secessionist propaganda.
Aden Mohamed Tani
[email protected]

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