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Most Recent Massacres Committed by ONLF
By Abdirahma I. Mohamed-Takhal
Saturday, November 10, 2007
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In this writing, I will highlight some, not all, of the shocking and inhumane acts by ONLF (the terrorist group who cowardly operate in the Somali region in Ethiopia) against the very people whose independence they claim are fighting for. The ONLF’s  aims have varied over time, fighting against uniformed troops, to killing members of their own community as well as other inhabitants of the region.
Recently, ONLF raided a small town of Gole in Wardheer region. In testimony of their lack of morality, they (ONLF; a terrorist group) not only terrorized residents of Gole, but indiscriminately murdered seven people and wounded two, while kidnapping two others.
On May 28, 2007, a grenade attack by ONLF, claimed the lives of eleven Somalis during a national holiday ceremony held in Jijiga, the capital of the Somali region.
In a separate attack, the regional president Abdullahi Hassan was injured with fifty innocent civilians. Among those who lost their lives as result of ONLF attack were three local artists and other civilians as well.
It’s worth mentioning, the horrific attack by ONLF on the town of  Dobawayn in Korahey region which also left ten civilians dead, including two schoolteachers and a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, that’s not all; on another attack on the town of Shilabo left five people dead. Meanwhile, a landmine planted by ONLF near Aware in Dagahbour region exploded, killing three civilians traveling in automobile.
Yet, on another act against humanity, ONLF massacred twelve people in the district of Lahelow near by the Ethiopia-Somali border.
ONLF has carried out horrendous human rights violations, including the execution style killings of innocent civilians. Through such acts, it has also gravely violated the principal of Islam which vehemently rejects the killing, robbing, raping and any thing inflicts harm against innocent human being. Little was known about ONLF in the past, but they are being exposed to the international community’s eyes, by not other than their own ugly and merciless actions against the men, women and children in the region who simply want to live in a peaceful environment.
ONLF is enemy to the region and therefore, the international community should give the local people the capability to defend themselves from the enemy amongst them. Their mind is filled with hatred and ignorance. Killing, rapping and robbing of innocent people is not an act of bravery, rather, is an act of inhumane, reckless and most of all, is one of the greatest sins that is committed by any individual. No cause justifies the massacres of Gole, Lahelow, Shilabo, Dhobawayn, Jijiga and many other areas in the region as well. Therefore, the world should condemn ONLF and its actions to the fullest term. Particularly the West, must prohibit the ONLF leaders and agents to operate and plan attacks against the people of the Somalia in region, from their respective countries.
Abdirahma I. Mohamed-Takhal
[email protected]

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