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who spoiled Ethiopian Dreams III

By Abdulkadir Mohamud (Jangali)
Sunday, November 04, 2007

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In mid August 2000, when Mr. Wolde came back from visiting Somalia, he paid a visit to Minister Zirrow at his Mansion.

Zirrow: Welcome back Wolde. You look exhausted!

Wolde: No sir, I may look physically tired, but morally, I am on top of the world.

Zirrow: That is good. You must have had a successful mission.

Wolde: Definitely, Mr. Minister. I traveled to every major city in Somalia and I have been welcomed with warm arms by our good guys; in a secret places of course.

Zirrow: Did you recruit new good guys just in case the old onesehhh…you know?

Wolde: Yes sir, I believe we will be in a good shape for the next 20 years.

Zirrow: Girgis and Barhanu are joining us in a minute, so please...Oh... here they are!

Barhanu: Hello Mr. Minister and Brother Wolde welcome back.

Zirrow: Hello guys, you did not miss anything. 

Wolde: I was just saying that I recruited more men and I gave them new code names like:  MISKAX, WADNE, BEER, IL, KELLI, LUG, GACAN and so forth. 

Girgis: What kind of names are these, Somali or Oromo?

Barhanu: These code names are Somali and they correspond with parts of the body. I gave them to Wolde before he left to Somalia. Also I instructed him to figure out who should be given the vital parts as a code name; according to their loyalty and their job description. For example: MISKAX should be given to the man who has the power to convince through his speeches against those who try to sabotage our goals. LUG is for the one who organizes foot soldiers for clan fighting and assassinations.

Zirrow: These names sound great, good work Berhanu. Wolde, I heard schools and universities have been built in every city of Somalia from North to South and East to West!

Wolde: Unfortunately that is true. A lot of High Schools have been opened since 1998 and Universities have grown 5 folds now.

Girigis: Wait a minute, how can that happen? Education is our number one enemy. Look at Kelli5 (Ogaden), the King and Derg have never built a middle school….and they had very good reason for that, no…no…no schools.

Wolde: This phenomena of building schools and the revival of education is due to two factors : a) Most of the regions and clans were in peace for a while, so instead of investing in warfare, they have diverted to schools. b) Thousands of the Somali Diaspora went back to their native towns and cities with substantial resources. They wanted to have schools and Universities for their children. On top of this, the Diaspora continuously raises funds for education. It is amazing how they don’t have the clannish mentality in that regard whether it is for Borama, Bosasa or Beltweyn Universities. The Diaspora did not stop there. They are rebuilding Somalia in every sector without a government. You cannot visualize the bungalows built in Las Anood or the 5 Star Hotels in Mogadishu.

Girgis: That is bad news!!! What is the code name for the one who organizes the clan fights?

Wolde: LUG!

Girgis: Yes, we have to wake up LUG. We need him to start the fighting amongst the clans. This way the Diaspora will run and go back to the country they fled to before: Australia, UK, Canada, or Mexico. They have to give up on Somalia and live in peace in their naturalized countries. Mr. Minister, their presence in Somalia is against our objective of depopulating that country. They have to feel the hostility continuously.

Zirrow: Well there won’t be any action for the time being, because I am going to attend the inauguration of Abiqassim Salad Hassan on the 27th. Meanwhile, think of a good strategy for this Somali Diaspora.

Girgis: Mr. Minister with all due respect why do you want to show solidarity to Arta’s process? Neither Ghelle nor Abdiqasim deserves your presence.

Zirrow: My dear Girgis how many times should I explain International diplomacy to you? 

Historical facts:

After a long struggle and squabbling amongst clans, president Ghelle and the people of Djibouti succeeded in convincing the attendees of the Arta conference to form a government. Mr. Abdiqasim Salad Hassan was sworn as President of Somalia on August 27th, 2000. The head of States of IGAD attended Abdiqasim’s inauguration in Arta. Unfortunately, as soon as the new government went back to Somalia, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi openly defied the newly “selected/elected” government. There were so many attempts from Prime Minister Ali Khalif Galaydh to engage and understand why Ethiopia treated his weak government with contempt. Even former Prime Minter of Somalia, Mr. Abdirazak Haji Hussein, wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Meles Zanewi persuading him not to destroy the hope and the desire of the Somali people.

Almost a year later Terrorists attacked USA on September 11, 2001 and president Bush declared a war against terrorism, where ever terrorists are and who ever harbors them. Ethiopia did not waste their opportunity and tripled the rhythm of the drums they were beating against the Transitional National Government.

On November 12, 2001 Abdiqasim Salad appointed Mr. Hassan Abshir Farah as Prime Minister succeeding Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh. Also Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed then president of Puntland was succeeded by Jama Ali Jama, even though Abdullahi rejected the outcome of the Garowe process.

The TNG wanted to establish a new page and good relationship with Ethiopia, so Hassan Abshir Farah flew to Addis Ababa before he formed his cabinet. He first met with the foreign Minister Mr. Seyoum Mesfin and then Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Mr. Hassan Abshir put a blank page on Zenawi’s desk and requested him to write down what ever Ethiopia wanted from the TNG. This not only showed their good faith, but how this new government was ready to surrender themselves to Ethiopia. Mr. Zenawi put aside the pen and the paper and requested only one thing: To reinstate Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf’s power in Puntland. Mr. Hassan Abshir had an intensive brainstorming with his advisors before he left Mogadishu, so that he could be ready for any possible requisition from Zenawi. But the question of Abdullahi Yusuf  never came in to the picture. He explained that the TNG had no power to overturn Puntland’s decision, nevertheless, he proposed to Mr. Zenawi to offer Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf any cabinet position including premiership. The meeting was over a minute after that exchange and Mr. Hassan Abshir Farah left Addis without Zenawi’s blessing.

On May 14, 2002 President Mohamed Ibrahim Egal deceased in Pretoria, South Africa and Vice President Mr. Dahir Riyal Kahin became the third president of Somaliland.

Also in May 2002 with the help of Ethiopia Mr. Abdullahi Yusuf overthrew Jama Ali Jama.

On the other hand, Ethiopia never stopped her influence on IGAD and OAU to convince  TNG to sit down with their opposition and warlords especially SRRC, which was sponsored by Ethiopia. TNG accepted and a delegation led by Prime Minister Hassan Abshir and Speaker Abdulle Derow Issaq re-started a fresh reconciliation conference in November 2002 at Eldorat, Kenya.


Qablan, Xiif, Taagane, Murad and Iftiin are well known permanent fadhikudir customers in a tea shop in Islee, Somalia, a ghetto on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya.

Iftiin: What the hell is this? Since 1991 IGAD has been calling for a conference for reconciliation. They were changing the venues: Djibouti, Addis, Nairobi, Nairobi, Addis… Djibouti, but they were calling the same old guys to reconcile. Now, to change it up a bit they moved it from capital cities to their towns: Arta, Sodare, Eldorat. I am sure in a decade they will move it into their villages: Nagash of Ethiopia, Ngomongo of Kenya and Koutabouye of Djibouti.

Qablan: What else were you expecting from them? IGAD knows that these warlords are irrational and destructive, yet they have seen us line up behind them because of clannism. As long as we don’t reject them, they will continue reducing our country to nothing, and the main IGAD members want it that way.

Murad: Qablan is right. Your clans destroyed Somalia and you still support the warlords who caused this destruction and you want Ethiopia and Kenya to do a favor for you... Never.

Xiif: What is wrong with IGAD giving every clan a chance to rule the country for couple of years instead of one clan dominating for 20 years like Siad Barre’s rule… No way, that era is gone!!! It is my clan’s turn now. We support the Eldorat conference and the next president must be from my clan.

Murad: Do you have a good, capable politician from your clan in mind?

Xiif: No, but I’ll support any one from my clan and I’ll denounce anybody from another clan.

Iftiin: Who do you prefer a stupid warlord from your clan or a competent politician from another clan who can lead Somalia out of this crisis! Think about Leaders like Joachim Chissano of Mozambique and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia.

Xiif: I don’t care if he is Malaaig or a warlord!!! As long as he is from my clan I’ll support him. And any body from another clan would not get my support regardless…

Iftiin: Have you ever thought that incapable person would not be good for your clan, country or your family whether he/she is from your clan or not?

Xiif: I want a president from my clan, period!

Murad: Have the previous presidents provided their clans portable water, schools, hospitals, security, infrastructure or any kind of development? Not for their clan nor for this country!!!

Xiif: I don’t know maybe they did. I have seen Cali Calooley flying back and forth to Dubai and he is driving a Land-Cruiser in Nairobi now. He was just sitting here with us and he had nothing three years ago before his clansman became THE President.

Iftiin: I understand Cali Calooley, but have you seen any changes for the rest of his clan or Somalia as a whole? We had 6 or 7 so-called presidents for the last 12 years, and nothing has changed.

Xiif: Somalia… .Somalia, forget about Somalia. Somali kala socotayl!!!

Iftiin: If people like you, who have been educated in Somalia and worked as civil servants in Somalia, talk like you do, then what should we expect from the nomads(Reer baadie)?

Murad: Actually nowadays nomads are much better than the so called urbanized Somalis. Nomads know the deals for clan fights. Elders and clan chiefs never call for inter-clan fights, and if it erupts they act as pacifist. Even if they don’t succeed to stop the fight they try to at least limit the damages. Here the Generals, the Colonels, and the former Ministers and Diplomats are the leaders of inter-clan warfare. It seems they are very proud for leading clans rather than their nation. Shame on them.   

Taagane: I admit it, I love my clan and I will always love her on top of Somalia. Iftiin, don’t deny it. You have to acknowledge that everybody is devoted to his/her clan.

Iftiin: If you love your clan you should love the other clans too. I repeat if you love your clan you should love other clans too. Please say it after me: I love other clans because I love my clan. 

Taagane: I don’t love your clan and I am not repeating what you said! I am not your parrot.

Iftiin: This is a simple equation. Your clan is not in an isolated room. Your clan is part of the Somali society. It is absolutely obvious that the problems of one clan will affect all other clans. If another clan prospers your clan will of course prosper; if a disaster occurs among one clan, it will directly or indirectly reach your clan. Think brother…think!

Xiif: It is the prayer time we must go to the Mosque.

Murad: Why do you always like to go to the Mosque?… Can’t you pray here?

Taagane: It is always good to pray in Jama-ah.

Murad:  Do you know Jama-ah (jointly) is not only for the Salat, but it is for all good causes including saving the Somali nation.

Xiif: We will continue this discussion in our next meeting, now we have to run for the Salat.

Iftiin: Don’t worry about the tea I’ll pay for it. See you later, but please think about Somalia as a whole and pray for her.

Abdulkadir Mohamud (Jangali)
[email protected]

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