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The memories of beloved Home

Idris Ahmed Osman 
Thursday, May 24, 2007


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A poem that articulately describes in detail the awful and brutal destruction of my ever beloved  country that has been so generous to its treasonous citizens who invited war on its soil. Ruthless, marauder, wanton, who never felt the least self remorse on the 71% of the population classified as under nourished, 1.8 million in need of urgent aid, 400,000 displaced; countless others either killed or wounded. In the footsteps of their predecessors, in the same process of building an ivory tower on the skeletons of the people and rubbles of the country, they are amassing money and material luxury. This emotional poem is meant to appeal to the conscience  of those who at least still harbour inner conscience in their hearts, or if possible resuscitate them to this fact. Patriotism being a pariah personality, an overwhelming stubbornness in tribalism, the light of knowledge and intellect are being overshadowed by clannish power and that of the gun.


Caught in between the curse of a crossfire culminated by  careless cowards;  emaciated by drought, destituteness and dehydration, the last piece of rescue straw in a violent ocean for the drowning innocent poor citizens is the coming national reconciliation supposed due next month. My sincerest, humblest, honest advice is to rid yourselves of deceit,  pride, in defiance of the right and truth. Kindly look back to the overflowing hot tears of children, orphans without caring parents, harsh pain of the wounded, sadness of the bereavement of those who lost their beloved ones with your bullets, look at the land which embraced you with its warmth and never weaned you of its nourishment, how in return you torn it to pieces, uprooted its vegetation, dried up its irrigation, frightened in fury and expelled its beautiful exotic wildlife, polluted its mild breeze and its  cleanest atmosphere with poisonous gun powder hanging on your shoulders,  against yourselves


A country that has been disowned and divided by its deriding dissidents

The darkness of a dungeon, debris and doomsday drawn nigh to its daily life

Its days are being darkened, disrupted and made dull by daunting disasters

The delicacy of its nights being dilapidated by the distraught of the displaced

Its diverse delightful donations devoured and dwellings deliberately demolished


My memories of it is a miscellaneous mind-boggling and mesmerizing menace

Metamorphosed, maimed and mutilated mortuaries in our metropolitan markets

Mauled bodies unlike mummies abandoned at the mercy of its own mercenaries

Misery that marred our morals and minds meddled us in a mess of a millennium


Healing of the hearts at the behest of its conscience is hardened by hooliganism

Hearsay and hoax hastened the hurling of heavy and hissing weapons by hooligans

In hoards they were huddled in every home handcuffing its head in a hellish havoc

Horrors and headache harboured whom they haunted to a hosting hole of a hell


Its borders are being botched and let the born to kill permeate it abundantly

Its booty are being shared after its burglary with gun barrels and bold batons

The bodies have been laid bleeding and bare footed by the bombs and bazooka

Abandoned it bare to the public bearing its burden after burning its buoyancy

In their bivouac and bastion of barbaric and brutal beating the bodies are burnt


Colonized in this century by carpet bombing not by cannons of old is my country

Careless commanders crushed its corners crippling its capabilities by corruption

Common way of conning the capital by killing and clan conspiracy is my country

Commitment of cruel crimes and killings carried out to cause constant casualties


An infant either orphaned or its arms amputated by an ambushing alien army

An innocent auntie and an uncle, sit agonized on the ashes of a home set ablaze

An artillery in the air, another landed in the apartment and attacks everywhere 

Amnesty, African Union, Arab World, all are agog as if advised to act accordingly

An aid offshore ahoy is assaulted and arrested for ransom while starving awaited


Daring diatribe developed into disunity and deteriorated to a destabilizing disaster
To this day in the Diaspora, demoralized and dismayed by ever dragging dreams

Duration of day and night without denunciation of dictatorship is a definite doom

Do not the demagogic demeanours deem their damned deeds demonic dereliction?


Fauna and Flora fled the land you fomented with fumes and flames of your fire

Food and Fodder not friendly forwarded to the fainting frightened by your fire

Fruits of the fallen for freedom and fairness are feigned fake by your falsehood

Fighting as foes and fiercely flinging fire to cause fatality is an unforgivable felony


Indian Ocean and its immaculate air is imbrued with inhumane effluent emissions

Impartiality to its inundation with industrial irradiation is another impeachment

Insidious insanity in addition to an ignorance immersed it in a flowing bloodshed

Its land is being infused with ionized intoxicants from chemicals of your weapons


Ruling a republic is responsibility beyond your reach not yet ready to represent it

Right and wrong are reflected on reputation of reversed requisite reconstruction

Retrospect of both regional and rural wrongdoings should really reprimand you

Renouncing the rule for failing return of refugees requires respectful retirement

Redemption as last resort for these refugees is your repentance and reconciliation


Lanterns only are lighting, as the lunatics littered the land leveling the lamp posts

Literature of lies and laziness by our leaders left us late and loathed as lame duck

Leery invaders lambasted us with life threatening lashes to levy their landlords

Leasing the longitude and latitude of the land on loan and lavishly lie in their lair


Peace, peace, peace is paramount pathway and proactive for permanent progress

Peace in its probation period promotes patience through punitive procedures

Peace is positively parallel to precious  pearl in a position perilous to permeate

Ponder on this point before people perish or become patients with paramedics


Idris Ahmed Osman 
E-mail: [email protected]

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