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Adam Abdulle Osman: Champion of African Democracy

Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From Hiiraan Online I have read about the health condition of the First Somali President Adam Abdulle Osman and this, though in haste, is what I can say about this great leader. Adam Abdulle Osman is the pioneer of African democracy and good governance. He led Somalia from 1960, the year we became independent from the Italian Colonial Rule to 1967. He is the father of Somali Nation. I feel previleged to have met him in his farm in the eve of 1988.

He is the first President of Somalia
He ruled the nation for seven years
He did not corrupt anybody to be elected
Nor did he paid kick backs to stay in power
He came to power through free and fair means
And stepped down when voted against him
In office term he didn't squander coiffures
He rather protected then from pilferers
Through polling he became a president
And through polling he left office
He had made a record no African can break
As they come to office either through bulleting
Or rig the polls to win unfair elections
He is the champion of African democracy
He is now old, frail with an ailing health
But lying on his hospital bed he is recovering
Please pray for him to have his health back

Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Mogadishu, Somalia
[email protected]

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