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Vision for the Future

by Shirwa Jama
Tuesday, May 01, 2007

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For a long time I have neglected poetry and its fancy
I let it dry like a nectar in the dessert
Maters of importance had many times passed
My mind numb without any creative valour
But a dream I had, cultivated the seeds of my verse,

Let me recite what had come upon me last night:

Bless those who listen with open mind
Whose hearts are filled with desire and hope
This verse will indulge them their wildest dreams

Tell them our land had become free
Shackles of the warlords had been broken away
Cynism had given way for optimism
Tell them Mogadishu is no more the murky of the world
No Ethiopian soldiers terrorising our streets
The palm trees reclaim their rightful land
Embassies are filled and there are no check points

Tell them the torturous moryaan and their technicals are no where to be found
Hordes of holly bullets had rained on them all
Like Mahiigaan in Nugaal Valley with its merciful effect
They perished on the spot like un-attended herd
God had destined them to hellish existence

The above four shows my artfulness,
I penned down effortlessly -- like Michael Angelo's Sistine chapel
The words roar like that of lion and clatter like heavy gunfire
They are like the vase that I catch with the nectar of my thoughts

And now a word to thyself and mind
Shirwacoow, you are artful man
What you have written is like child's prose
Pretence of a great poet is nothing to be attempted
Unless you have the guile of Virgil
But you have disgraced yourself and injured your reputation

You will rage many with sleepless nights
You will keep them up like they have lost their priced jewel
Your efforts to shine like a poet had been covered with dust of shame
Now make your exit without an ado
Or remain here and go on blether.!

Shirwa Jama
E-mail: [email protected]

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