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Unveiling the Mole “TFG”

by Eng. Liban A Egal


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Often average Somali used to be very pride for his audacity in nature and used not have the tendency to provoke without careful analogy.  Their words had an honour and respect, let alone when they swear it in the name “God”. History writes Ahmed Gurey (
embarked on a conquest in Ethiopia), Sayid Cabdulle Xassan (known as Mad Mullah - Darwish movement Somali Nationalist), Dhagax Tuur, Xaawo taako all were distinguished heroes engraved in our hearts how they have crusaded and portrayed movements against invaders.


The aftermath of the civil-war in Somalia 1991 which brought misery, dismay, anarchy, atrocities, famine and displacement, some of the survivors sought refugee status or political asylum to settle overseas either to survive or find save heaven and career development. For those who inherited the same status “residency or foreign citizenship” without being present with their families are the so called today’s Somali Political ring leaders who emulate and enjoy dual identity “double-edged”. However, they have blended in the advanced mean world to obtain different nationalities where their offspring can flourish and achieve their dreams while leaving behind the unfortunate. They are part of the lead ill-famed policy makers of the TFG who imitate patriotism on one hand and apparently envoys goodwill in the eyes of the beholders “UN, AU, Arab world” and their conferrers. “Qawda maqashii waxna u qaban”


            “A Mole is a spy who works from within the ranks of an enemy.”


To be a Mole it requires a talent and skill-set but TFG has bluntly demonstrated unskilled naked policy to advocate Ethiopian aggression as liberators who are engaged to stabilize Somalia. Mole was not Somalia’s culture but now it has gained fame and identity to earn foe’s confidence. Ethiopian rampant aggression in Sothern parts will bring quagmire to the region and extend the existence of their envoys where it will prevent any genuine reconciliation with oppositions. It has initiated to deal directly with the clans, tribes and its representatives promising nice parcel to dismantle peace prior reconciliation event takes place. However, it has propagated another fiefdom, exodus and prolonged insurgency. Some of the TFG members advocated for clan revenge enjoying with their respective authoritative positions inviting weak propagandas.


With their inefficient approach of nominating unqualified protégés to some regions such as Mogadishu, Jubba Valley, Gedo, Hiiraan without consensus with the local habitants fuelled confrontations and disarray. The question lies why other regions such as central, north, and north-east are untouchable or the former are their main focal targets? Is it because the untouchable regions are stable or it’s due to political strategy   favouritism and personalized advice of one group?


The political fragmentation that currently exists between the rival militias, TFG and the remnants of UIC brought kidnapping, rapping, looting and insurgency paving for the warlords to invite instability again.  It is fact that Somalia has been planed to diminish and melt within its neighbour’s policy and the international institutions could not dare to prevent it due to the longstanding interest of the UN elite policy makers. Simply we are witnessing as time evolves the changes that was planned ahead by the donors of TFG. Now the policy of the land has been polluted by Ethiopia the same way that Somalia’s sea has been contaminated with nuclear waste. There is no vision that Somalia will regain its sovereignty without pure statistical census which is hard to verify the Somali-origin census since its being destroyed and burned. If this is not true it would have been saved the same way Ethiopia rebels have been intercepted when Mingustu was granted save-passage by the Western to prevent the governmental institutions and historical places. Evidently, it states the intentions of the outside force towards Somalia’s future. Immoral TFG appears not to be the owners of the land neither the members from Diaspora’s within TFG will genuinely   take the lead and acquire new changes. Apparently, it’s not simple to sacrifice by the Somali intellectual in Diaspora to come and unite their ideology without clan intervention aiming to defuse political turmoil and tribal complications. Presently, US protégés are handling the policy in the Horn to oppress the “Somali sovereignty campaign” that is against invaders.


Comprehensive national dialogue for solution is required not retaliation or assassination to those who are genuinely seeking stability to restore peace on behalf of suppressed voices. Despite international pressure TFG started sorting oppositions based on Melez’s choice leaving behind UIC leaders who possess strong influence and enough powers to disrupt peace. This will be another high-jacked peace reconciliation event by the brutal Regime of Ethiopia. TFG is hostage by the duo (US & Ethiopia) and without their agenda it cannot initiate all-inclusive dialogue with oppositions.


Why did we overthrow the Bloodless Revolutionary Government in 1969 “Revoluzione senza spargimento di sangue” which were all-inclusive? Was it to empower Imperialist let Government and give up nationalism? The bloodless Revolutionary Government were comprised of elite intellectuals, civil society, women who had equal rights as men if not more, and a full spectrum of Somali elders. It has demonstrated patriotic leadership not traitor-ship, spy or mole culture. Ostensibly, the tangible achievements were launching anti-illiteracy campaign, free heath care system, free education up to university level, free housing projects, Crash programs which included development of agriculture, sand dune project, drought resettlements etc. It has unchaining tribal slavery where major tribes violate & suppress inferior tribes in the same domain and deny their rights or outcasts to intermarriage laws. Pardon (set free) felons for their crimes and convictions specially rebels, expatriates or exiles. Somali eccentric is to judge a leader and provoke without evidence degrading him simply because the incumbent wanted higher-post while he is not qualified or the leader does not belong to his clan therefore to twist he has to fuel clan animosity.


Now let’s define dictatorship – “not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition” – Fine let’s not be intimidated by the word, it depends how it’s being defined and used (Hadal waa margi hadba dhankii loo jiido). Well, who uses it and to whom do they use it. Allow me to say that this is being used by the ill-intentioned western policy makers when they have interest to overhaul a country’s governance and put in place their yes-men because simply that particular ruler is patriot and safeguards its sovereignty not their interest. Suppose a nun has life time legitimacy to cover with scarf while a Muslim wearing a Hijab is an intruder to the international society. Who said US president can not override is that dictatorship or it’s something that is written on stone and can not altered. Permit not to be narrow minded and obsessed by what our colonial policy dictators are broadcasting as “crafted democratization”. The wave that is swapping Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine by Israel seamlessly, Sudan are all based intrigued colonial powers of “modernized crafted democratization” either with us or you are against. Therefore, who legitimize this action of course the UN and other international institutions.   


In conclusion the best venue to start reconciliation process and achieve lasting peace is to withdraw Ethiopian force otherwise it will aggravate the situation nationwide. TFG’s graph of confidence has gone down and can’t lead the reconciliation or it would be giving Israel to mediate peace accord between Hamas and Fattah which is absurd. It would be viable to have Somali intellectual panel and Clan elders to lead. Let Somali problems solve by the Somali’s and an international stabilization force not by Ethiopian regime. US have miscalculated when it has used Ethiopia as proxy to flush out UIC campaign.


Eng. Liban A Egal
E-mail: [email protected]

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