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The Similarity of Difference

by Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed


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Is Somalia a new front of terror or is it a terror laboratory to conduct experiments of terrorism?


What is happening to us is far beyond the ability of our minds to comprehend with. But who do we blame for this failure? Nobody but ourselves. We used our tribal entities in the most destructive form by mixing it with politics. We have planted the tree of terror and irrigated it with the blood of the innocent. Now it is time to reap the fruits of disaster. Think of a way (ways) we can save our country and people. Don't just fool yourself with the complacency that only one group shall be affected by the current winds of change in Somalia.


Please share this poem with me:


In the pot of anarchy

A nation is melting

Its walls are cracking

It is bonds are breaking

Its past is boiling

It is future is brewing

Its history is tumbling

Its language is dying

Its culture is drowning

its identity is weeping



Like an escaping steam

Its people are evaporating

It's name is Somalia

It is a victim of its location

It is a victim of its waterways

It is a victim of its seaports

It is a victim of its resources

it is a victim of its oil reserve

It is a victim of its own people

It is a victim of tribal wars


Wars raging inside wars

Wars between brothers

Brothers killing brothers

Brothers of same blood

Spilling blood of brothers

Homogeneity is a blessing

But in Somalia it is a curse

Similarity of their difference

Is a lesson worth learning


Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Writer and filmmaker
Mogadishu, Somalia
[email protected]


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