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How Toronto Liberals might lose 90 percentage of Somali Community Votes
by Abdullahi Abdulqadir AxmadFiqi

MP Borys, Amb. Laqanyo and MP Alan Tonks -
You have only seen one side of the coin

Toronto Liberals like Alan Tonks and Borys who used to win the Somali Community votes in Toronto (including mine) for guaranteed appeared in a photo with one of the stoogest of Miles Zenawi (Ethiopian dictator) and his agent in Somalia.  They were ostensibly invited by some of what the Somali population in Toronto and Ottawa call  “The Toronto Warlords” because of their lack of contact with the community they claim they represent.
The other reason they are known as “The Toronto Warlords” is because they collect funds from the government  (tax payers money) on belhalf of the Somali Community but ironically they hurt them by spending those monies inappropriately by supporting the genocide taking place as we speak in Mogadishu. 
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The truth of the matter is that the  Transitional Federal Government (TFG) institutions has been hijacked by one man and one man only – the President- after  he encircled the the parliament in the town of Baidoa with  Ethiopian tanks and dictated them to pass things like firing the Parliament Speaker (who let him come there in the first place) ; empowering him the Martial Law;  empowering his tribesmen ; allowing Ethiopian soldiers to rape a woman reportedly with eight children and   destroying and mass murdering of the opposition especialy the Hawiye Clansmen, women and children. I urge the two million people in Mogadishu to unite and defend themselves.
The Question I have for MPPs Alan & Borys and others is that how much detail do they know from all of this?  One thing is for sure:  you have seen one side of the coin and by meeting only with those full fledged supporters of dictator Yusuf and Ethiopian Prime Minster, you have lost my vote and let me say it louldly  “I will not vote for you” in the coming election.  I also want to remind you that your Party hast lost 90% of Somali votes in Toronto.  I understand that Mr Borys traveled to Somalia but he clearly decided to support one group over the other.
 If Abdullahi Yusuf and others are not stopped right now, the story of Tutsi vs Hutsi wll be a piece of cake and I hope that the United States Congress will realize the gravity of the situation and prevent genocide from happening in Somali capital. Residents in Mogadishu appeal to speaker Pelosi.    I also hope that the Prime Minister of Canada should be involved and talk to his European counterparts likethe Italian Prime Minister who has been in Somali affairs longer than any other country in the Western hemisphere.
It’s rather intriguing  picture to watch the bodies of dead corpses being dragged in the streets of Mogadishu once more (this time Africans)  and moments after that incident,  I watched the US Ambassador in Kenya (The new real president in East Africa) reiterating his support to Abdullahi Yusuf and calling the victimized people in Mogadishu reminants of Union of Islamic Courts and using strong words like “terrorists!!!  The term  “Terrorist”is now used as a means to   revenge and once some body is labeled as such, he/she becomes a weak target and could be easily harmed.  Calling Mogadisho residents “Terrorists” is like calling London residents “Terrorists” in World War II when they were attacked by Nazi Germany.

Abdullahi Abdulqadir AxmadFiqi
Toronto, Canada